Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mermaid Dreams in the Ocean

I was expecting "Fairy Dreams in the Spring", instead I was quite surprised to find "Mermaid Dreams in the Ocean" available at Sweet N Sassy Digi-Scrapers. However, any offering from Urban Mermaid is a welcome one, so...

This is beautiful ocean kit, the main downfall of which is that the elements are all quite small. It might almost be worth buying the full sized kit so you can keep the elements at a larger size and resize the papers for taggers use. However, Maltese Scrapper did give us a whole bunch of shells last month, so I have more than enough oversized shells as it is.

Mermaid Dreams

I used the Gwyneth Paltrow looking Mermaids by Perfect Posers for these two tags. The one in this tag is the from the Mermaid Bride pack, and one below is from the Mermaid Fae pack. You can find them both at Aussie Scraps. For this tag I used one of Cameron's Ocean Masks and masked paper number 10 to get the sand colored bubbles in the background. The seahorse is one of the brushes included in the kit.

The Beach Bum alpha is courtesy of Digi-Designs by Nicole.

Mermaid Dreams

The large shell is, as I mentioned above, from the Maltese Scrapper. I was looking for an oyster shell, but in the end decided it didn't really matter.

There is to be an official announcement of the release and a corresponding freebie on UMD's Blog on Friday. I'll be looking to snag the full size freebie so I can have bigger elements to play with. LOL!


Urban Mermaid said...

Nice mermaid work, Dianna! You're right there will be BIG shells in the Freebie, lol!

Urban Mermaid said...

Congratulations! You have been awarded the Amazing Artist Award. You can collect your award here: http://urbanmermaiddesigns.blogspot.com