Thursday, February 12, 2009

Irish Eyes

I took a little break from Valentine's Day. And no, I'm not doing a whole bunch of St. Patrick's Day - yet. However...

These first two tags used the Paddy's Gold kit from Heartbeatz Creationz. The Cutie Dragon is also from Heartbeatz Creationz, and both can be purchased from the Heartbeatz Creationz store for 50 cents. I don't know how much longer the 50 cents sale is gonna last, so you might want to hop on over there, quick like a bunny.

Paddy's Gold 1

"St. Paddy" is clipart that is included in the kit. You can find the clip art package at Heavenly Taggerz. I think several of the designers used the same clip art, but that's about normal.

Paddy's Gold 2

The dragon looks a little scared, but then St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and what are Dragons are at least supposedly related to snakes. So maybe he has a right to be frightened of St. Patrick.

These next two tags feature posers from UFDesigns, which are available in their freebie section. The Scraps are from the Luck O' the Irish kit by Soxsational Scraps. The kit is available in full and taggers size at The Goodie Loft.

Luck O' the Irish 1

Luck O' the Irish 2

I think most of the posers I have that are suitable for St. Patrick's day tags are going to be fairies. Although I guess that is kind of appropriate.

Someone on the DC group made a comment that if you're going to do a St. Patty's day kit, that you should probably use leperchauns rather than green beer. And what's wrong with green beer, is what I'd like to know?

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