Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, I am putting the finishing touches on my "Irish Eyes" kit and should have it for you tomorrow. I just want to add some clips and some bottle caps. Everything else is finished. There are 15 papers and over 30 elements, including a poser.

In the meantime, Creationz by Jo released a very lovely Irish themed kit called Eire, which I took one look at and absolutely had to have. My computer is getting into a space crunch, so I really need to start being a tad bit more selective about what I'm buying. Either that or add on the old hard drive, which I might try doing this weekend.

The posers in these tags are from Perfect Posers and are the Fairy Pack 2. I only got them because - well- the outfits are perfect for St. Patrick's Day. They are not in the Paradise4Scrappers store, you have to get them at Aussie Scrap (and $6.50 for four is extremely overpriced to my mind for posers. However...)


I love the clover sprig as well as some of the elements in this pack. I've not seen them in any of the stores, but they're fabulous. The colors are really nice as well. Monday or Tuesday I decided I hated the pallet I was working with, but that's probably going to the normal - you get sick of using the same five colors over and over.


I was going to use the Celtic kit I have from Kissed by Cari for a blog layout, but I may rethink that position. Then again, I need to do a layout for Miss Diamond too, although I was thinking of using my own kit for that. The one thing I didn't like it the horseshoe is upside down....all the luck will run out!


I like the harp. I have a lot of glitter in my kit, but not so much with the jewels. Still, it should be blingy enough to satisfy. The arch in Jo's kit is also nice. I have nothing like that but ahhh...she does not have Squirrel O'Malley!


I believe all the masks I used on these tags were from Wee Scots Lass. Jo has no tags in the kit, which left me at a slight loss. Anyway, it's a beautiful enough kit if you Irish or you love things Irish to make it worth the purchase price. It's a little on the small side, but the quality of the elements make up for it.

You can find the Eire kit in all of Jo's stores.

Kate, the Urban Mermaid, gave me the the amazing artist award. If you really want to see some amazing art, check out Kate's blog because all her kits qualify as art!

Amazing Artist Award

I'm not sure - exactly what the rules fro this are, except you are supposed to pass it on to five other blogs.

So five blogs (besides UMD) that I think deserve an Amazing Artist award are:

Lynne at Baby Cakes Scraps. I'd love to know how to blend backgrounds the way she does;
Helly at Designs by Helly. All of her stuff is just incredible;
Yarrow at Fall3n Angel. I have all her kits and I love them one and all;
Farrah at Farrah's Creations, who does some truly amazing work, and
Jo at Creationz by Jo (of course) because I love all the stuff she does as well.

Thank you ladies for some really wonderful kits!

I think that catches me up on awards now. Another things I've been really bad about is blinkies, but I made a stab at updating them yesterday. If I don't have your blinkie up, and I should, please hit me over the head with a piece of wood and let me know. Somethings, a good swift kick in the back end is the only thing that gets me motivated!

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