Monday, February 9, 2009


Versailles is the February collab from Aussie Scraps. Given it's sort of vintage flavor, I really wanted it and $5 for a megakit is just an incredible price.

Almost all of the scraps in these tags came from the kit, the exceptions I'll note as we go along.


Cupid's darts (a.k.a. Feather Flowers) and the Eiffel Tower. Who could ask for more? The Antoinette poser is included in the collab, she comes in two poses. The post card in the background is from Brooke's CU Vintage Postal Pack, which is available at Ahhh Scrap.

The paper blend is a mask, BTW, one of Cameron's masks.


All the scraps in this tag are part of the kit. I masked one of the lacy papers using one of Wee Scots Lass' masks to get the background for the heart shaped frame.


The vintage valentine In the background is by "DIP" and is something I downloaded from Digifree.

The poser in this tag is Constance and she's available as in a separate pack at Aussie Scrap. You get four posers in the pack for $5, still a bit on the high side. I think on the whole she worked better in the tags than the ones that came in the kit.


The post card and stamp are from the World Postcards and World Stamps packs by Voodoo Scraps and can be purchased at Angelic Scraps. The postmark is from the CU Vintage Postal pack from Brooke.

For the poser in the picture, I cropped one of the other posers in the package and applied the sepia tone effect to her. then I pasted her into the frame on a different background. I thought it turned out rather well.

This was such a pretty kit, that I decided to use it for Miss Peach's Sweethearts Club Valentine. Peach loves vintage things, so this was very appropriate for her.


Mickey the black cat, her intended, sleeps in a heart shape, which I probably would have missed had Peach not pointed it out to me. Again, the background is a masked blend, using one of Cameron's masks.

Peach loved and and writes "Diamond this takes my breath away.....just like the song! it is purrrrfect in every way and I adore it. Now I might even be able to enter it into the Valentines contest that Skeezix is having with your purrrrmission of course."

And how could we deny her purrrrmission?

I love this kit and am looking forward to going back and working with it some more. I reluctantly had to leave it to work on this week's T-13, but I certainly enjoyed every second I spent with it.

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