Sunday, February 15, 2009

Irish Eyes

Okay...I actually got off of my procrastinator's couch and started making an Irish Themed taggers kit for you ladies. I've heard that it's easier to design in full size, but I forgot to resize a paper I was working on and my computer nearly had a mental breakdown, so we'll have to stick to taggers size. (Sorry kids.)

So far I've got 15 papers, 9 flowers, four frames, 5 rope rings, 2 glitter flower doodles, 1 glitter shamrock doodle, 10 ribbons and 10 bows.

I did the following tag using it:

Irish Eyes

I mean, that's the ultimate test right? If can't put together a tag with it, no one else is going to be able to as well. I have some commercial use clip art to enclose, like the rainbow, and those little green fuzzies from Deb's Designs are also commercial use, so I can stick a couple of those in as well.

I can't take credit for the bow on the frame, that's a CU time from KairinaKat Kreations. The poser is from UFDesigns. I don't know if I can include her or not. If not I'll probably add one of Kairinakat's posers, I've got several that would work.

I think I need butterflies yet, and maybe a teddy bear. Any thoughts? Birdies? Sheeps? Green Beer?

Now I guess I'll stop procrastinating further and put together BKCFoC. :)

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