Friday, March 27, 2009

At the Office

So, I'm at work yesterday morning and right around 9:30 A.M., all the power goes off. Of course, we fire off the standard joke of "Hey Joey! Did you forget to pay the power bill?" (Again.)

Joey actually did not pay a power bill and they turned the electric off in Tom's office. His excuse was he didn't recognize the account number and didn't know what it was for, so he didn't pay it.

Anyway, we're sitting in the near dark (I have candles!) in my office bullshitting, when Dolores came in and said "Don't tease Joey about not paying the power bill. He's very embarrased."

"He didn't," I said. He did. Or didn't as the case may be. This time his excuse was he didn't know it was past due. Riiiighhhhtttt....

So I live around the corner, I went home and did some PSPing while we were waiting for the power to be restored. (Dolores & Kathy went shopping and Rowena took the opportunity to go and work out.)

The posers in these four tags are from the "Winter Fun" poser pack from Bits'N'Bobs, which I got from US4T, and which doesn't appear to be available anymore. The scraps are from the "At the Office" taggers kit by Creative Intentionz. The stapled paper alpha is courtesy of Olga Mishyna (aka Jasmin-Olya).

At the office

When I lived over in Fort Laud, I was working for an insurance company. The main headquarters was in New York and the Florida operations were a branch office. As such we had an "Office Manager" who was actually a spy for the big boss over in New York.

When Frank would ask her do something that she didn't want to do, she'd reply "What do you think I am, your f***ing sexitary?" And of course, since she was a spy, she was untouchable. So she got way with doing very little beyond cleaning out the refrigerator once a week.

And the "secretary" jobs fell to the rest of us.

At the office

Office Fashion 101:

Rowena came in looking for safety pins, and I gave her a mini-binder clip instead. "Maybe this would work?" I suggest. She hummed, but went away with it. About half an hour later, I saw her. She'd used two mini-binder clips to attach her bra straps to her shirt so they'd stop sliding down.

At the office

Monday's Child is fair of face, Tuesday's Child is full of grace...and of course Saturday's Child works hard for a living. That's me. Saturday's child.

At the office

This morning Tom comes in and says "Isn't there a way to set up an alert in QuickBooks so that Joey will know when bills are due to be paid?" Sure and I can show him how to do that, but...he ignored the first bill, he ignored the second bill, and he ignored the cut off notice. What makes anyone think he's going to pay attention to a pop up notice?

Of course, Joey is Tom's son, so he too, is mostly untouchable. If it had been anyone else, they'd have been fired.

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