Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fairy Dreams in the Spring

I really haven't had a chance to sit down and work with Mermaid Dreams in the Ocean the way I wanted to. Then

Urban Mermaid has released Fairy Dreams in the Spring and I really wasn't ready for it! The kit is available in full and taggers sized at Sweet N Sassy and there's a fr33bie addon available on Kate's blog.

The posers in all four pieces are from the Quillian Pink set by KairinaKat Kreations and can be purchased at the Creative Scrap Store.

Fairy Dreams in the Spring

Pastel's to the max. The "Beauty" word art is from the Add on.

Fairy Dreams in the Spring

The "Spring" WA is a brush actually. I installed the brushes, but I'm still really kind of tentative about using them. I never seem to get the results I wanted.

I love the little fairy riding on the butterfly!

Fairy Dreams in the Spring

The blue egg is part of the kit, the yellow egg comes int he add on. I made an egg wreath for my blog train kit, and since I was on a roll, I figured why not try one here.

There are three papers and like six or seven elements in the add on. The little fairy flower girl in the lower left and corner is part of the add on.

Fairy Dreams in the Spring

This piece is very whimsical, but then, so is the whole kit.

I wonder what Kate will do with her fairy world once she's done all four seasons?

Special Sneak Preview: The Hippity Hop Blog Train pulls out of the station on the 30th and I'm not jazzed, no, I'm not. I'm hip hopped! You can view a preview of the papers HERE. There are 12 in the preview, 15 in the kit. And you can find a preview of the elements HERE. There are 3 hoppy eggs in the kit, two "Gangsta Bunnees of Luv" and enough candy to rot your teeth. 84 elements in total! You can see the egg wreath in the upper left hand corner!

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

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Urban Mermaid said...

Wow, awesome Fairy Dreams in the Spring creations, you really captured the spirit of the kit! Gorgeous! :)