Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blue Screen of Death

So, I had plugged in my memory stick this morning (a.k.a. the little chippy thing) to transfer the files I'd download yesterday when the whole computer shut it self down. Then it rebooted - to the blue screen of death.

Uh Oh.
So I went and found the Win CD, rebooted from the CD, and ran check disk. That seemed to fix whatever problem it was having...but I'm nervous now. I'm backing up the stuff that I hadn't put on disk before - Just In Case.

Jesus saves, but not as good as Memorex does.

Happily, I'd uploaded my Hippity Hop blog train contribution last night, so even if the computer does die on me, I'm ready to go. I'd even written and pre-posted the entry so it will go automatically on the 30th without any prompting from me.

Scar-ee stuff!

Although, given the shape that disk is in, it might be a blessing in disguise. I'd just hate to have to unzip reload all those scrap kits though.

Rock On

There's been a wave of Rock themed kits out recently. Bits'N'Bobs had released a pack of Rebel poser and while I'm reminded that I still have some tubes from Untamed Angel and Lacy Clagg in the same theme, it was sort of happy to have these.

Julie has since put out two more related packages, so this gives me lots of fodder to get through the various Rock themed kits I have on my (hopefully not defunct) hard drive.

The scraps for these four tags came from Cinnamon Scraps "Rock On" taggers kit, which is really a nice little kit for a buck!

Rock On 1

The guitar was made by Starfire Designs from a template by Scrappin Cop. I have that template, but I've not tried it yet. She did a great job on it! All of the masks on these tags are from Cinnamon Scraps as well, and you can download them from her blog.

Rock On 2

The band in the background is the Ramones. I was alternating between Bowie's "Rebel, Rebel", David Essex "Rock On" and Joan Jett's "I love Rock'N'Roll" while doing these tags. But I had a the Ramones picture saved on my hard drive from when I'd done the punk tags back in January, so that's why it got used.

Rock On 3

The boombox is from the "Rainy Dayz" element pack by Soxsational Scraps. I want to use that pack - among other things - to do a "girly" themed kit with. The CD is a CU product from DMK Designs.

Speaking of Danielle, BTW, she's posted her part of the Hippity Hop Blog Train early, so Hop on over to her blog and pick it up! The bunny is way cute!

Rock On 4

And do I want to include skulls or not? They seem a bit overused these days.


I need to go and put together a T-13 from tomorrow from our archives as the computer issues are going to postponed my completing a new one. Hopefully I've got 13 calicoes laying around.

Wish me luck!

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mog said...

Those tags are adorable as are the skulls, I hadn't seen that design before.