Friday, November 28, 2008

Eggnog Anyone?



'Twas the night after Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for the roof rats, who are always up to something. Well..okay, actually it's pretty quiet tonight.

The Mere-Noel poser is (c) 2008 by Calypso Designs. The Christmaus Time scrap kit (which is full sized) is from Cinnamon Scraps and is her blog Pressie to all of us. The bar code word art is from Kanela's Xpressions and the Candy Cane Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Both Tris and Diamond went outside, which is also helping with the peace in the household just at the moment. I just the same kit on a tag for Tristan today, and while that one turned out cute, I think this one was a much better effort.


Christmas,Winter,Santa Claus

Noel, possibly from the Gaulish Words "noio" or "neu" meaning "new" and "helle" meaning "light", referring to the Winter Solstice when sunlight begins overtaking darkness.

See, I may not write tutorials, but you can still learn something on this blog.

The Mrs. Claus poser is from Perfect Posers. The Scraps are from Chaos Priestess' A Gothorian Xmas, which, much like her other two holiday themed kits is just stunningly gorgeous.

Equally beautiful is the lovely Winter Alpha from Andjelina's Designs, which was a limited time freebie at AhhhScrap.

Holiday Spirit


The "Red Elf" poser is from Lacy Clagg. She had something like 38 pages of sales items today at her tube store, many of which were scripts from Built by Beth, which I'm sure one day I'll appreciate, as soon as I've learned to run them. However, I ended up spending $20 just on tubes from Lacy, and that as after I money I had spent earlier on the Red & Blue Elf and Pretty Prancing Pony tubes. Needless to say, I have lots of toys to play with.

The scraps are from the "Spirit of Christmas" kit from Creations by Jo, which is a very lovely kit along traditional lines. The bar code word art is (again) from Kanela's Xpressions. I like it so much I wouldn't mind paying for more of it, if someone was producing it.

Snow Pengie


Untamed Angel put out three packs of funny little posers - the Pengie, seen above, Dragons and Donkey which looks quite a bit like the one from Shrek. I wonder if she can Puss In Boots next.

The Scraps are from Scrappy Redhead's "Snow Days" and "Snow Nights" taggers kits (combined). The word art flair is from Fun Word Art, and the glitter splats are from Calypso Designs.

See...I love glitter splats, and Calypso had their glitter splat collection for $5.00 at Heavenly Taggerz. So while I was there I bought the Mere-Noel poser, which is sort of unique - they also have "Jingles" or "Cheeky Elves" depending upon what designer you choose to get them from, and "Winter Girls", which I also have a set of as a freebie from Brandi's Creations.

So I bought the splats and the Noel poser, and the three new poser sets from Untamed, which were on sale. (I still can't check out of Taggers Scraps, but I'm not going to bemoan the fact anymore. I'm probably the only person in the world having trouble with them.)



If all that high finance was making your head spin, don't worry. This is a freebie tag.

"Xmas Nikki" is (c) Ben Krefta, and I got the tube from her from Scarabe Scraps. The link for her tubes no long work though, so I'm wondering if they were actually licensed.

The scraps are from a kit called Winterlicious by Missy (Misfits Scrapz). Kristen at Kristen's Wicked Scraps tipped me off to this one, I don't usually follow Missy's blog. The "C4Her" ornament alpha was a freebie add on to the "Christmas for Her" kit from Kirsty's Scraps. (I really do not need another pink winter kit, so I'm ignoring those. I have several, including Winterlicious which is pastel, which I got for free.)

Kirsty also gave us the template for that alpha, so maybe if I get brave, I'll try to make an alpha up for the Tranquil Xmas kit. (Yeah. Right.)

R U Ready?

Elves,Christmas,Santa Claus

Ready as I'll ever be, I suppose. The Blue Elf poser is (c) by Lacy Clagg. The Scraps are from Cinnamon Scraps "Gettin' Ready for Christmas" taggers kit which I paid 40 cents for at Designer Scraps 60% off sale. Heh!

The Flakey Alpha is from Lady Grundlefunk. I think I just download another really useful alpha from her too today. Humm....

The little cat that appears in various places in these tags is from Designs by Sue and can be found at Aussie Scraps along with any of the Perfect Poser creations.

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