Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Painted Lady Fae

I've used the Painted Lady Fae by Perfect Posers in a number of tags before. She is a standing favorite of mine, in part for her red hair, and in part because she's colorful.

Snake in the Garden


This is uses the lovely Thru Sugar's Eyes kit from Scraps by Jessica. There is a snake hiding in there somewhere...can you find him?

I love the Eastern feel to the kit and all the lush foliage. Very nice little taggers kit.

"Red" makes her way into a couple of tags for this week's T-13 as well...


Domestic Cat,Autumn,Fairies

Harley is having a Maple Leaf adventure. We don't have Maples Trees in Florida, as far as I know, so he's definately out in some enchanted kingdom somewhere. The leaves are from a freebie pack by Malinda Staley.

The rest of the scraps are from the Enchanted kit from Designs by Helly. Funny, I used the same kit on the last tag I did for Harley.

The Lady of the Lake Alpha was created by Julie Itis.

Dr. Tweety

Long Haired Cat,Domestic Cat,Autumn,Fairies

"Red" also does a fly through on Dr. Tweety's tag, which was done using Scrappy Lover's Knowledge is Power for the most part. I needed a few extra things - like flowers - so I tapped her Let's Give Thanks kit to get those.

I'm wondering if the "Knowledge is Power" title comes from it being back to school time, although it's certainly not a back to school kit.

The Puffy Fall Alpha is from Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium.

Woods Out Back (Banner)


I also used "Red" in the title banner for the series. Baby Cake Scraps' Fairytale provided the scraps. The Hallow Alpha is from AllieKat Creations.

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