Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peacock Fae

"Miss Peacock" is (c) 2008 by Perfect Posers and can be found at Aussie Scraps (six tubes for $7.00). She kind of reminds me of my friend Rowena.

Rowena said "Yeah, the hair and the complexion...but she's got a lot more up top then I do!" Well...I'm sure flying around builds up the muscles in that area.

All three of these tags use kits by Scrappy Redhead that I bought on sale at Scrap Happiness. Redhead's designs are also on Sale at Digital Chaos, but I went with Scrap Happiness so I could snag the November freebie as well.


This is the "Beyond Time" taggers kit. It's a blue/green kit and I kind of pushed it toward the green end.

I added some scraps in from Redhead's contribution to the September Scrap Happiness freebie - the peacock pin, butterfly and white flowers came from that kit.


The shadows on the Fae in this one seem a bit heavy, but maybe that's just me. I guess if the lighting was from the bottom...

The scraps for the tag are from the "Blue Hydrangea" kit, but I didn't use any of the Hydrangea that came with it. They just weren't fitting in.

The diamond studed daisies worked out pretty good though.


Scraps are from the "Nothing but a Dreamer" taggers kit and I LOVE the Blue Jay feathers. (My mind was working on endless possibilities for those until I remembered the Blue Jays aren't in our Division anymore. Oh well.)

I haven't been able to work this Fae into any of the kitty cat tags...she seems a little more stuck up than her counterparts. I dunno. Maybe something with Miss Diamond...

I did sort of buy her though with the intention of using her in combination with Redhead's kits as the blues sort of compliment each other.

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