Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Plushies

When I got up this morning, Tristan was on the Love Seat sleeping and Diamond was on the floor, trying to kill him with nasty looks. There's a whole sectional she could sleep on (and which I happen to know she likes sleeping on) but no...

It's amazing how much like human kids they can be.

These first two tags feature plushies from the free download area at Poser Realm. I really like the fabrics on the pair, it makes them rather unique compared to the other plushies I've seen:

Plushie Princess


This uses the "Goth Child" kit from Creations by Jo. Danielle is much, much to young to be into the Goth or Emo thing, but the colors were bright, which in the end is why I chose it.

She is however, very much into the Princess thing so...

The "Purple Coat" Alpha is from Scrap Alpha, one of two very similar ones that Digifree found for me.

Candy Cat


This also a Creations by Jo kit, this one a taggers kit called "Sweet Candy". I had bought "Goth Child" as a full sized kit because I intend to use it on Diamond's blog, sooner or later.

The Alpha came with the "Sweet Candy" kit. I was reminded that besides adding the artwork copyright to my tags, I need to add my own recognition somewhere. Or as my Grandmother told me: "Always sign your artwork when your finished with it."

I'd like to try to work a little cat clip into the picture to use as the part of the "tagged by" thing, but that's not always going to be feasible. In this case though, it was.

Let's Dance


I'd done this piece about the same time I did the Ballerina Bear, I just never posed it to the site.

The "Dolls" are from Brandi's Creations, part of her "Sweet Shoppe" kit. The scraps are from the "Bright Me Out" taggers kit by Scrappy Lover. The "Let's Dance" word art courtesy of Elegant Word Art.

("and if you say run, I'll run to you...")

Flower if U want 2


The title is a play on the line from Disney's "Bambi" movie. The skunk plushie was a freebie off the Calypso Design blog. They don't give too many freebies away so get while the getting's good.

The scraps are from the "Child's Play" kit from Creations by Jo. I used the "Isle of Misfit Toys" alpha from Free Digital Scrapbooking for this and made sure it was a bit more misfitting than usual to give the piece a bit of character.

Pastel Plushie


The plushie cat is from Calypso Designs' PTU six pack of plushies. the scraps came from the "Pretty Pastels" kit from Creations by Jo.

The Alpha was a freebie add on to Toni Scraparoni's Pink-o-Metric kit and is available for download off her blog.

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