Friday, November 14, 2008

Mermaid City

Disney's Little Mermaid sort of killed most of my interest in Mermaids in general. They took a very good fairy tale of unrequited love and completely ruined it.

Had to have a happy ending. Wouldn't be Disney otherwise.

However, it's proved endlessly popular with little girl set.

Loreli's Friends


Loreli is from Brandi's Creations, although one of the other poser artist - Sophisticated, has a mermaid kit with similar little posers in it.

I'm not really hyped on the design.

The scraps are from Danielle Engbretson's Friends of the Sea kit, which is split into a boy and a girl themed side. This used the scraps from the girl themed side.

Bahama Smoothie


This is more of a traditional kind of mermaid...those that lured sailors to their doom. She was Part of a set from Bits'N'Bobs (which said CU 8, but I only counted six in the file?)

The scraps are a combination of the Son of a Beach Add-on, Summer Smoothie Add-on and Bahama Mama FTU taggers kit, all from Toni's Scraparoni. I'll probably go head and get the full SoaB and Smoothie kits this weekend, they look like fun.

Sea Maiden


This used one of the Mermaids from the Bits-N-Bobs set. As in the first tag, the scraps are from Danielle Engbretson's Friends of the Sea kit, but instead of using the "doodle" elements, I used the more realistic ones. Same kit, totally different look. It's very versitile in that regard.

It's also a full sized kit so you can use it to scrap you own little mermaids, if you should so desire.

Like I said, I'm going to do some stuff with a beach theme (this sort of qualifies) so they'll be a few more mermaid tags in the offering. I'm also thinking I might do something with Tristan and a Mermaid with the caption of "Hey look, I caught a fish!" Could be one of his "Meow Like a Pirate" entries on Friday. (This week he's suffering from a bad Tuna Grog hangover.)

Meanwhile, these are getting printed out to hang in Danielle's room as well.

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