Sunday, November 2, 2008

Go West young woman

Both of these first two tags use the Caitlin Tube which is (c) 2008 by Angelique Field.

Cowboy,Poser Tag

The scraps are from Scrappy Lover's Sassy Cowgirl. Someone had redone their blog with a cowboy theme, but I didn't see a cowboy themed kit amongst the stuff in their store. I need to track that down again. Either there's not much in the way of Western themed kits, for I'm not finding them.

Cowboy,Poser Tag

I swiped the hat from SL's Cowboy Fun kit as it went better with the BWG theme then the blue. The skull is from the Maltese Scrapper's Southwest Sampler. She has a couple of rodeo sampler as well, but there's few useful (as far as I'm concered) items in them. Your milage may vary, of course.

Despite her ongoing assurances that a "pony would be fun", Diamond seems a somewhat reluctant cowgirl. Of course, my camera's on the fritz, so this is an older picture.

Cowboy,Miss Diamond,House Panther

The Bandana Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking. the sitting horse is from Brandi's Creations' Wanna Be A Cowboy kit.

Grr,House Panther,Cowboy

So Diamond is more than content to leave the sheriffing of the Cat Blogosphere to Grr (except where Tristan is concerned).

On a side note: if you go over to Heavenly Taggerz and check the Collab section there's a HUGE Gobble Gobble collab kit - for FREE! Get it while the getting is good.

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