Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good times, weird times...

One of the weird things I noticed I do, is when I'm sitting on the bench with the guys watching baseball, and they're speaking Spanish - if I'm not really paying attention - I can understand the conversation. I had one year of high school Spanish and speak it - very badly - and because I can't speak, they think I don't understand it. So I find out all sorts of interesting things I shouldn't know.

Well, I must be hanging out on Calypso's blog too much because I jumped onto another blog today and read an entire entry in French without realizing it...until I got down to the download part and they switched from French to English. Now if I try to read it - knowing it was French - I couldn't. It has to be automatic. The same with with the Spanish. If I'm thinking about it, I get totally lost.

In any case. Joey came by and dropped a new battery in the car yesterday, and it runs, but it's leaking oil like crazy. The last time I had an oil leak fixed it was like $450. and they really wanted to do about $700 work on the car. ::sigh::

And I finished the kitty cat tags last night, so I can play around a bit tonight.

Here are few more Mardi Gras tags left over from this last weekend...

All of these tags are done with posers from Perfect Posers. I had not intended to buy the Fairy Pack 1, even with the 30% off sale at the Aussie Scrap Store, until I noticed that one of the Fae was dressed in prefect colors for Mardi Gras, sooo....

Carnival Fae 1

Carnival Fae 2

These first two tags are done with scraps from the SNS Mardi Gras Blog Train. The "Foil Cap" alpha in the first tag is from Snowsmoon Designs. It was supposedly a winter themed alpha, but it's perfect for Carnival.

Got Beads?

"Got Beads?" also uses scraps, and word art - although I glitterfied it - from the SNS Mardi Gras Blog train.

Carnival Queen

"Carnival Queen" uses scraps from Baby Cakes Scraps "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" taggers kit. After much hemming and hawing I've decided to make my blog layout for February from this kit, despite the lack of green. It's very glittery and I really like purple, so it seems like a good thing.

--- While we were working on the car yesterday, Joey made the comment that "I need to get some tools". He had to go borrow a socket wrench from the auto parts store. I mean, I told him I didn't have one. "I'm a girl," I said, "I'm not supposed to have tools."

"Yeah, but, I'm a guy," he replies. "It's expected of me."

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