Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hearts & Flowers

Diane at Candy's Treats had a new Valentine kit that she put out as a freebie for 24 hours - getting something like 1,100 downloads. It's now up for sale, but I managed to snag the kit, called "Hearts & Flowers" during the freebie period.

All of these tags use the Red Butterfly Fae by Lacy Clagg. She makes a good valentine girl. So good in fact, that Perfect Poser's Valetina looks quite a lot like her. But I'll get to Charly's offering - probably this weekend. I'm bogged down doing kitty cat tags right now.

All you need

None of these were particularly difficult pieces, but then, doing a tag doesn't need to be hard. The word art was a freebie off Digifree and has no name on it, so I don't recall where I got it from. It came in black, and glitterfied it.

Be Mine

Very similar to the first piece except that I used a mask instead of cutting our a rounded rectangle for the background piece. The word art is courtesy of Darhena.


Since Ginger game me a nice award this weekend, I thought I'd do a tag for her. I wanted to put some of her word art on it, but couldn't find anything short and sweet. So, you get stuck with just a name. The Beautiful Heart alpha is from Southern Scrapz.

Ginger needs to take note however that I did use a natural blond as a poser. LOL!

Love Around

This is the designer tag for Diane. the word art is from Word Art Fun (Linda Winters) while the Letter Beads alpha is courtesy of Denise Tanyer.

Bonus - A Maltese Valentine

A Maltese Valentine

With the Exception of the Gold Heart shaped Frame and the Red alpha, all of the scraps for this tag came from the various freebies that Bonnie over at the Maltese Scrapper has been handing out the last ten days or so.

The heart frame is by Soxsational Scraps and is part of the Valentine Pendants Elemental Pack, while the red heart alpha is Created by Jill. I do have some doggie posers, but not a Maltese, so she had to settle for a fairy. Sorry!

I've shied away from writing tutorials, largely because I don't follow the ones that are out there, but I should probably work on that end of things. I've noticed that some are pretty darn easy while others - especially the animated ones - are very complex. It would be a bit of challenge.

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Ginger said...

I love my tag! Thank you so much! I hope your car is better now. It's a real bummer when your car isn't working.