Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Artic Fun

Snowball Fight

Eskimo,Winter,Polar Bears,Penguins,Snow,Kids Tags

I had bought DMK Designs' Polar Pals because it was cute (and cheap) and was using it for a tag for House Panthers when it occurred to me it would work great with the little Eskimo posers. So I started out putting this together. That led to the idea of doing tags for Ed's boys so I turned this into a tag for his oldest, Justin, who will be six in January.

The Eskimo poser is (c) by Brandi's Creations, as is the one in the related tag below. The Acrylic Alpha on the bottom is from Trifaith Scraps, while the "Snow Outline" alpha that I used on the name is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Blizzard Battle

Eskimo,Polar Bears,Winter,Snow,Kids Tags

I am reasonably sure this Eskimo was intended to be female and despite the addition of the scarf to cover up the long hair, it sort of looks...I dunno. Girly. However, Owen is three, and it don't think it much matters at that point.

All the source materials in both of these first two tags is the same, except for the scarf, which is from the "Build a Snowman Scene" freebie from Candy's Treats.

There aren't that many male posers being done out there, but then I was thinking, I could probably work up a few for the boys if I got creative about it. I'll have to think about that one some more...

Let it Snow

Winter,Snow,Polar Bears,Penguins,Snowman,Eskimo,Kids Tags

This Eskimo is (c) by Angel's Tubes and is one of the freebie ones I got from her store. I noticed she took down a lot of her freebies after I got done raiding her store this weekend. Oops! (Well, but I did BUY something from her too!)

The scraps are from the "Winterland" taggers kit by Soxsational Scraps. The snowman was a freebie from Aussie Scraps as were the snowflakes; "Perry the Penguin" is from Tees Scraps.

The word art is from Fun Word Art, one of the Designers who'll be going into the new Digi-Scrap Depot store when it opens.

Pengi Night

Eskimo,Penguins,Winter,Snow,Happy Holidays

As with the tag above, the poser is (c) by Angel's Tubes and was a freebie. The scraps are from Soxsational Scraps "Silent Night" kit which is one of six kits she's recalled due to clip art issues. If we have the kits, we can use them...really nothing they can do about that. I don't know if this is because the so called "Clip art police" came after her, of if the people she bought the clip art from said something about the kits.

(The so called "Clip Art Police" are a group of girls who seem to feel it's their responsibility to check that clip art based kits meet TOU specs. They've made Yvette's life hell over at Misfits Scrapz...and for what? There's nothing in it for them. Evidently, no one told them that no body likes a stoolie pigeon.)

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