Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chibi Fever

Krissy's "Lil" series, at least has attitude. Maybe I need to mix some of those creepy goth dolls in from Calypso as well?

In any case...

Lil Rebel


"Lil Rebel" (c) by Krissy's Scraps was her latest, but when I was over at DSLL earlier, I see she's released yet another one. They're getting better I think. The "LiL Gothling" doesn't strike me as being all that goth, but I love the runny kohl eyes on this one.

The scraps are from the "Tainted" kit from Scraps with Attitude, and you can find it at Creative Scrap Store.

Lil Miss Attitude


This IS "Lil Attitude" (c) by Krissy's Scraps. The "Pretty in Punk" scrapkit was a FTU deal from Bluedream Designs. The "Black Circle" alpha is courtesy of Golden Girls Digital Designs.

Lil Grey


Oh look! A Twilight chibi! "LiL Grey" (c) by Krissy's scraps has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight, but the scrap world has suddenly gone Twilight mad, so I thought I should use the kits for something. This particular one is called "Twilight Love" and is by Connie's Creative Chaos and I got it at Creative Scraps.

I used Lil Grey because frankly, she looked more miserable than the "Lil Gothlings" do. The Twilight Flair is a freebie from Ellie Lash Designs.

Gothic Lil Christmas

Gothic,Chibi,Holiday Glitter,Happy Holidays,Christmas

This is a "Lil Gothling" (c) by Krissy's Scraps and you can see how happy she looks. The Gothic stocking in the background is also from Krissy's Scraps and was a blog freebie. The rest of the scraps are from "A Gothorian Xmas" by Chaos Priestess.

Happy Lil Christmas

Chibi,Reindeer,Christmas,Happy Holidays,Holiday Glitter,Kids Tags

The "Lil Christmas" chibi is (c) by Krissy's Scraps and is a blog freebie. The gifts are from Zee's Scraps and are a store giveaway on Aussie Scraps. The Reindeer was a freebie from "MiGuy Designs". The background and the stocking are from the Advent Collab from Scrap Outside the Box, and the Word Art is from Aquarius Designs and I believe was a freebie as well.

(I see also that Krissy has a "Bambino" line out, but I absolutely draw the line there. Ick!)


Anonymous said...

haha The Chibis are cute. I know nothing like it but remind me in a way of the Emily strange stuff :)

I had to go look at the Bambinos, the page only started to open and it was closed again hehehe
Made my blood shiver! :)
Hrrm Maybe you could have a Chibi eating a bambino? :P


Ginger said...

Dianna, I just love your site! This is the first time I've gotten a chance to visit and look around, but it won't be the last! Love, love, love the Lil Gothling tags! They are perfect for my friend, Terry!

Kaah Souza said...

Hi .. I love your site! really cool =)
I was wondering if I have to make a doll too ...
if you have twitter, send me a tweet (kaahdaftpunk)

Kaah Souza said...

Hi .. I love your site! really cool =)
I was wondering if I have to make a doll too ...
if you have twitter, send me a tweet (kaahdaftpunk)