Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snow Cats (& Dogs) - Week 1, Part 2

Spooky Do wasn't the only cat to get redone. I was looking for different felines to use as quests and decided to pick on Beethoven and Moki.


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Most of the pictures of Beethoven are hard to work from because of the angles they're shot from. This wasn't a bad tag, I just wasn't really happy with it.

It uses the "Snow Flake" taggers kit from Scrappy Lover which I do really like, but it just ... I dunno. Wasn't doin' it for this tag.

The "Winter Ice" Alpha is courtesy of Digital Scrapbooking Goddess.

Now with the redo, he again have an interesting angel for the shot...

Domestic Cat,Tabby Cat,Catblogosphere Cats,Winter

I used Candy's Treat's "I Love Snow" kit, plus the add on "Icy Snow Font" alpha, plus an additional "Build a Snowman" add on freebie she had.

I'd forgotten about that "Build a Snowman" freebie and had been saying to myself how nice it would be to have scraves to put on the cats. I had hats, but not scarves. And low and behold, there they were. I had them all the time and didn't realize it.

It's still kind of odd - perspective wise, but I like the way it looks, like Beethoven's standing up in the box and coming out of the picture at you.


Fairies,Domestic Cat,Tabby Cat,Winter,Snowmen,Fantasy

Moki is a special needs kitty and when I went to do his tag, I was thinking along the lines of Ice Angel or Ice Fairy kit. As it turns out, I have several but one that stuck in my mind was the FTU Winter Fairy Mini-kit by Trinidad Huelga. I love the little clip art fairies, but scrap wise, the kit is a disaster.

I added in glitter doodles and splats from Calypso Designs and it still didn't help. So I gave up. The Ice Crystal Alpha used in the piece is from Sentimental Style.

Unhappy with it, and wanting to do something nice for Moki, I turned to the very lovely Snow Kids kit from Krissy's Scraps.

Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Catblogosphere Cats,Winter

Same photo, but I'm much happier with the results. The "Snow" alpha is courtesy of

Getting the candy cane right on the alpha gave me a heck of time, but I finally got it to work.

So...having spent an extra-oridnary amount of time on a pair of brown tabbies...



I decided to spend an extra oridinary amount of time on Rocky, from the Hudson Furkids.

The sleigh in this piece is from Gail at Aussie Scraps. It came with a make your own template, but I wasn't that much a glutton for punishment.

The scraps came from Scrappy Redhead's "Snow Days" and "Snow Nights" taggers kits (combined). The "Jingle Bells" word art is from Sticky Kisses, while the actual "Jingle Bells" are from Kissed by Pix, which also came with a template so you could make your own.

The reindeer antlers came from a collection of Christmas headwear from Gorety Rocha (found on Digifree). "Perry the Penguin" comes to us from Tee's Scraps, and the "Flakey" alpha is by Lady Grundlefunk.

The "tassled rope" that I used in this piece in the the one for Meowza is from the "Gobble, Gobble" collab kit from Sweet N Sassy Digi Scrappers.


Domestic Cat,Winter,Catblogosphere Cats,Snowmen

Meowza was actually laying on the ground in this shot, but that's usually the best way to end up with a "flying cat" shot. He's got the front feet tucked okay, he just needs to work on the back feet.

The scraps this tag around are from the "Frosty's Friends" kit from Designs by Ali. The Reindeer are a freebie from Mrs. Homer Lynn and the "Ice Crystals" alpha is from Sentimental Style.

Lynn says of the reindeer "When I was a kid I remember my grandparent's tree having little glittery white plastic Reindeer. They had an opalescent glow to them." My Grandparents had those same reindeer! I remember them! It's a very nice FTU set that I've had fun with.



This was an easy-peasy tag as the doggie was standing nicely. The Snow Family taggers kit is from Bittersweet Designs, the Antlers are the same ones used in the Rocky tag, and the "Icy" alpha is from Bits'N'Bobs.

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