Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad Kitty Cats' New Year

These were all done for the BKCFoC #77 that was hosted at Tristan's Blog this last weekend, except for the bonus kitty.

Missy Be-Trayed

Bi-colored Cat,Happy New Year

Missy is from the Elms in the Yard blog. I'd originally intended to use this picture for Thanksgiving but one thing led to another and she ended up getting bumped.

The scraps are from the "Celebrate 2009" from Heartbeatz Creationz which bills itself as the only New Year's Kit you'll need. It has both word art and an alpha, but is really, really lacking in New Years related elements. I had to recolor a party hat to use with the kit, for example. However, as I paid like 60 cents for the thing, I'm not going to complain.

Heartbeatz has been selling at Heavenly Taggerz, so I keep running across them, but they're not a designer I'd go out of my way looking for.

Luna, the life of the Paw-ty

Happy New Year,House Panther

Luna's pictures, as they are posted on Cat Synth, are very small and generally hard to work worth. I notice I get better results with PSP than with Photoshop in working with smaller sized photos.

The scraps are from DMK Designs' "Kiss Me at Midnight" taggers kit. I threw a bit of a glow behind the word art to make it stand out, otherwise the purple faded into the purple background.

Mushka, the Mistress of Mayhem

Burmese Cat,Happy New Year

This was such a really nice shot of her that I had saved and I don't know why I haven't used it before. The Scraps are from the "2009" taggers kit from Creationz by Jo.

"Let them eat cake!" she meows as the clock strikes 12!

Phoebe, the Paw-ty Animal

Siamese Cat,Happy New Year

This was a bad exposure to start with and I just couldn't get it saturated for fixed properly. Too bad, as I like the ruffled color she was wearing.

The scraps are from the New Years Bash collaboration kit from Taggers Scraps. Since TS is no more, you can find out more about obtaining the kit at Candy's Treats, who also provided the word art.

Wally the Wino

Tabby Cat,Happy New Year

I was wondering if I was going to get into trouble for turning Wally in to an alcoholic, but so far, no one has said anything.

The scraps, including the wine bottle, are from "A Beary Happy New Year" taggers kit from Soxsational Scraps. The "2009" word art is courtesy of Lindsay Jane Designs. It's a cute kit, but it doesn't seem to work all that well in kitty cat tags. Maybe I'll try it with a poser and see if I get different results.

BKCFoC Banner


The scraps are from the "New Years Bash" collaboration kit from Taggers Scraps, except for the clip art kitty cats, which are from Designs by Sue and which can be purchased at Aussie Scraps. The "Celebrate" word art, which is from Evercila Designs.

The BKCFoC logo is of course courtesy of the BKCFoC website.

Bonus Kitty - Tristan

Sir Tristan,Domestic Cat,Tabby Cat,Happy New Year

This is the profile picture for January for Tristan's Blog. The scraps are from the "New Years Bash" collaboration kit from Taggers Scraps. The "Satin Gold" alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh you could do anything and not get in trouble :) You always do such fine work and I think wally just looks gorgeous and very creatively set :)
As for what you did with my beautiful baby girl Mushka.. If she could talk she would be OOOHH'ign and AHHH'ing just like her Momma and dadda :))