Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jingle Flairs!

I was playing with the flair overlays. In this case, all the "Jingles" are (c) by Calypso Designs, as is the overlay which I got off her blog as a freebie.

The scraps are all from "My Boys Xmas" FTU kit from Krissy's Scraps. It was an interesting exercise in working within a limited creative environment.

Elves,Christmas,Happy Holidays,Flair

Elves,Christmas,Happy Holidays,Flair

Elves,Snowman,Happy Holidays,Christmas,Flair

Elves,Snowman,Happy Holidays,Christmas,Flair

Ice Baby Flair

On a similar note, I have a "Build A Flair" template kit from Farrah's Creations that I decided to play with. Yeah, I could have been doing these for a while now. LOL!

The Frost Baby was part of the the Holiday Pressie from Angelique Field, while the scraps are from Candy's Treats from the "I Love Snow" and "Sleigh Bells" kits. It's a little bit off -- but it's only noticeable at full size. (Zoom it in and look close on the lower right hand corner & along the right hand side, you'll see what I mean).


I treated myself and got the grab bag package from Creationz by Jo. There's enough in there that I could make my own scrap kit, it I wanted to sit down and put the work into it. Maybe I will! I probably have to start sometime!

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This is excellent. I think you should! :))