Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful Faes

I got a notice today from Photobucket that we're getting low on bandwidth, but it resets tomorrow, so I'm not too worried about it. I should probably open another account though and start storing some tags over there, since I'm running Diamond's and Tristan's blogs off this one as well as Digicats.

The T-13's are killing us, so...

Glittering Fae

Fairies,Fantasy,Winter,Holiday Glitter

Pauline is (c) by KairinaKat Kreations. Shelly's fairies are just incredible. The last two set she put out just about knocked my socks off. But we'll get to those in a bit.

The scraps for this came from Baby Cakes Scraps' "Winter Masquerade" kit, except for the silver brackets, which are from Designs by Helly. I really like BCS's kits, they are generally very elegant, but still have a lot of bling. "Winter Masquerade" I'm especially fond of.

I'm not sure when Lynne became a part owner of Creative Scraps, but that store as really evolved of late and I love what they've done with it. There's been in an influx of established, quality designers that is nice to see as well. It will help some of the newer designers on the scene, like Shelly get the exposure they deserve.

Jewelled Butterfly Fae


This version of Pauline was the one included in the "Frozen in Time" kit by Creationz by Jo. In an attempt to get away from holiday themed scraps, I used the "Isabella" taggers kit from Baby Cakes Scraps, which is actually somewhat holiday-ish. So...I tried to leave that portion of it out when creating this tag.

I just love the stained glass butterflies in the kit!

Urban Fae


This particular Tulip Fae, which is (c) by KairinaKat Kreations, was part of a freebie give away available at the Creative Scraps and Sugar Mama Scraps stores. I love the texture in the outfit she's wearing, just beautiful!

The scraps are from the Urban Chic kit from Candy's Treats. Additional Glitter Splats are from Calypso Designs and the Attitude Word Art that you can almost read in the background is from Silent Dreamer. It wasn't meant to be readable, BTW.

An announcement today on CT's blog as well as Cinnamon Scraps and several other is that Taggers Scraps has closed down, following a hate campaign against the Amanda, the store's owner. In the end, someone hacked the store and deleted all the files and while Amanada has a back up, she decided it wasn't worth it and packed it in.

So Diane, Jessica and several other designers that were specific to Taggers will be back to blog only sales until they find another store they care to hang their hat with. My dislike of Taggers was simply from a consumer standpoint, I can't believe that an actual hate campaign was waged against Amanda, who seems like a nice enough person. The digi-scrap world never faces to amaze me at some of the viciousness that goes on there.

Pink Attitude


This is another of the Tulip Fae freebies (c) by KairinaKat Kreations, and again, just some really beautiful work by a talented young designer.

The scraps are from the "If the Tiara Fits" taggers kit from Designs by Helly, one of my all time favorite designers. While she was selling out of Taggers, she is less effected than others as she's also in Cotton Candy, Ahhh Scrap and several other stores.

I really love this kit, despite not being much of a princess tagger, it's got a lot of spunk and attitude. The "Attitude Word Art" in the background is from Silent Dreamer, while the Vintage ticket in the background is from Calypso Designs.

I added blinkies for BCS, Calypso, and KairianaKat Kreations to my sidebar. I need to work on my links too. I have a lot of blogs that I check on a regular basis that I don't have linked, but I can be pretty lazy about stuff like that.

Anyway, Shelly was kind enough to post some of the last tags I did with her posers on her blog, so check her out. She's worth the visit!

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Anonymous said...

Wow those first two fairy are the best I have seen yet! :))

ps: Most places where there is competitiveness and women you get vicious.. it scares me! :)