Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years Hangover

Since I finished with the kitty cat's New Years, I put together a few tags along the same theme line. These all use posers from Lacy Clagg.

Spicy New Year

Bonitas,Happy New Year

Apple Spice makes a good party girl even after Christmas with the red velvet dress. The scraps are from the New Years Collaboration kit by Taggers Scraps. As the store is defunct, the designers involved in this collab are either selling, or giving away, their portions of the kit. You can visit Candy's Treats for a list of the individuals involved and links to their blogs.

I also used a mask on the paper, when doing this design, go the get the semi-warped effect. The "Glitter" word art is by Lindsay Jane Designs @ Scrapbook-Bytes. Don't ask me why I didn't use the word art from Candy's Treats...I guess I wasn't thinking at the time.

The problem with masks is finding them. I have a number of "factory" ones that I got an a bonus incentive for registering my version of PSP, but it's not an item I usually see for sale at any of the boutiques I frequent.

New Beginnings

Elves,Happy New Year

What am I gonna do with all the elves I have? Urf! This was actually kind of fun to do, but it took a while too, creating the view in the window first. Then I fought with the word art for a while, which is from Karina. It was not designed to be re-colored, nor was a glow working properly with it.

The Blue Elf is (c) by Lacy Clagg, while the scraps for this tag are from the Taggers Scraps New Years Collaboration kit. I don't have the whole kit. I have maybe half, and believe me, that's more than big enough! I also used the kit for Tristan's Blog layout for January. I still have to do a profile picture for him and for Miss Diamond for January.

More importantly, what am I gonna do for T-13 themes now that the holidays are over? It's too early for Valentine's Day.

Midnight Kisses

Happy New Year,Bonitas

"Chrissy" is a freebie that is (c) by Lacy Clagg. I believe she was done for a blog train. The scraps are from DMK Designs' "Kiss Me at Midnight" kit which is one of the kits I bought with the DSLL gift card. The word art for the kit is a freebie that is available at DSLL.

Chrissy's New Year

Happy New Year,Bonitas

Same poser, but I used the "2009" taggers kit from Creations by Jo for the layout. I think I'm going to use this kit for Diamond's Blog layout, which I'll probably work up later today, but which won't be revealed until Thursday.

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