Friday, December 26, 2008

My Misty

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When I moved to Florida from Ohio, I made a decision not to move my cats with me, largely because I didn't know where I was going, where I was staying or how long it would take me to find an apartment and a job, and having pets along would only complicate the matter. Not to mention the the fact that they would not have like the airline trip.

So I spent a lot of time finding good homes for them where I thought they'd be happy. I know that Eclipse bonded with the younger daughter of the family she was placed with the two where nearly inseparable. Coke became an only cat, which I think is what she wanted as she was always skittish and afraid, and was happy to be in a secure environment.

Nothing specific was ever said about Misty, but when I was talking to my mother on Christmas Eve, she related how Misty kept returning to my old house, looking for me. Then my mother would have to go, lure her off the roof, and return her to her new family. This happened several times, evidently, she just kept coming back. Whether she was actually looking for me, or if she was just equating the old place with being "her den", I don't know.

It's the way my mother put it. That she was "Looking for you."

25-years later, she's still punishing me for "running away from home" although I was well into my twenties at the time and had moved out on my own in the first place.

After growing up in an abusive household with an alcoholic parent, I suppose I was running way from home, but I certainly didn't run far enough, as she can still call me up to make sure I have a "happy" holiday.

Diamond of course says it shouldn't matter. She says I was destined to move here anyway and save her from living as a wild kitty ("yes and give Tristan home too") and what happened with "one that came before" shouldn't matter to me.

But it still makes me sad, breaking a little kitty's heart like that.

The "My Kitty" Chubbie and the "Scottie" taggers kit scraps are all (c) by Farrah's Creations. The exceptions are the stocking - which is from Aussie Scraps Holly Jolly blog train contribution - and the kitty in the ornament which is from Designs by Sue.

Sue's little clip art cats can be purchased at the Aussie Scrap Store.

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Tristan really was a naughty boy yesterday, so I got quite a kick out of the word art from Scrappin Obsession. The scraps are from the Holly Jolly/Christmas Around the World blog trains by Aussie Scraps, while the coal is courtesy of Queen Brat Designs.

And don't let this picture fool you into thinking he wss feeling at all remorseful about it. He slept in a pile of catnip yesterday and today. How remorseful could he be?

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Anonymous said...

I want to say something to make you feel better. But I think it does matter.
I had the same kind of situation although I moved out much younger AND I left my babies at home.
I will regret it for the rest of my life.
They were my babies I should have planned anything I did around them as if they were human babies.
Sorry, but I don't think Miss Diamond is right with this one :)