Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Elven Magic

I had intended to work on fairy tags last night, but I just wasn't feeling it, for some reason. So....

More elves which are (c) by Lacy Clagg, although this one is a little different from the last set.

Santa's Little Helper

Elves,Reindeer,Santa,Happy Holidays

That's right little elf, load that sleigh!

Scraps are from the "Christmas Bits" collection by C.C. Designs/Jack UR Scraps. The word art is courtesy of Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin.

I kind of really like the feltie stuff, but even their "small" papers were much larger than the usual tagger sized offerings.

Making a new friend


A snowman friend that is! Again, the scraps are from the Christmas Bits collection by C.C. Designs. The word art is by MW Designs.

While I was reading through the designer blogs this morning, there was a note on one blog in which some strange individual wrote "Just wondering what your little boy would say and think if he sees the nasty pics you post here?" I gather this elf would count as one of those nasty pics and I have to say, if you're really that prudish, what are you doing out in the world? I truly feel sorry for some of the crap these designers take from people for no good and apparent reason.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart


Leaving the felties behind, I went with the "Brrr Baby" freebie kit by Farrah's Creations. The word art is courtesy of Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin (again). Farrah's been confusing me because she keeps posting that she's having a $1 sale on all her stuff and I keep going over to DSLL and not seeing a sale. It seems she has a private store called Designer Scraps, which is where the sale is. This seems to be the latest rage, and I really don't like hoping from shop to shop to shop to buy things.

Anyway, the mask is from Wee Scots Lass as are all the masks used in the tags in this post.

Certified Nice

Elves,Santa,Happy Holidays

If your nice you get a pressie, and I don't know, if this little elf is part of the pressie, you might not be considered nice once you're done opening her. (At least, the prudish individual above would certainly think so.)

The scraps are from Yarrow's "Xmas Night" taggers kit, while the word art is courtesy of Scrappin' Obsessions.

Speaking of naughty and nice, a certain naughty tabby cat I know was quite distraught to find his "stash" had been relocated to a place he can't get to. Poor baby boy.

Your turn!

Elves,Happy Holidays,Winter,Snow

I really like the way this one turned out! The mask created a window effect, and I just sort of went with it. The scraps are from the Silent Night (version 1) kit from Soxsational Scraps, although since I don't use any of the clip art, either version would work. The light colored background paper is from the "Ice Warm" kit from Yarrow - the Silent Night kit didn't have a background that was light enough to make the piece work.

Party Thyme

Elves,Happy Holidays

Having partied with Sox, I moved over to Krissy's Scraps and the "Christmas Thyme" kit. I also used one of her "Christmas Thyme" dolls in the piece. The bar code word art comes from Kanela's Xpressions.

Krissy and Sox have opened their own store as well, jumping onto the designer specific bandwagon. It's called "The Goodie Loft" and you can find it HERE.

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OH what a comment, I can't believe that there are still people like that out there... They look like jammies.. oHNOES! :)