Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Princesses

My prince and my princess are out of the house and I'm reduced to playing royal door woman again on a chilly South Florida night. These tags were done just to amuse...

What part don't you understand?

Princess,Children,Kids Tags

Tiny Princess is (c) by Angelique Field/Digital Embellishments.

The Scraps are from the "If the Tiara Fits" taggers kit, the newest release from Designs by Helly and includes additional scraps from the freebie add-on. The word art is courtesy of Ginger's House.

Click on the link above to go to the Digital Embellishments blog. Angelique as released her 2008 Christmas Freebie set and you'll most certainly want to snag it.

Drama Queen

Princess,Children,Kids Tags

Same tube, Tiny Princess which is (c) by Angelique Field/Digital Embellishments. The scraps are from the "Lil Drama Mama" kit from Designs by Helly. The bracket frame is a blog freebie from her and the vintage postcard and glitter splats are from Calypso Designs.

I'd bought the Vintage Lot when it was on sale last weekend at Heavenly Taggerz, thinking I'd make use of the tickets and or money scans in it. Amazing how that old postcard suddenly came in handy. Sometimes I wonder what Calypso is thinking with some of their releases, and then in the end they have the absolutely right piece when I need it.

Sugar Rush

Princess,Children,Kids Tags

Penelope and Dottie are (c) by Angelique Field/Digital Embellishments. Penelope was one of the poser sets I bought for 37 cents over at Treasured Scraps. Dottie I'd bought before, but never did anything with.

Penelope is also another Sadie morph, using the Sian pack by Moonfire off

The scraps are from Helly's FTU "Sugar Overload" kit, except for the butterfly and the glitter splats which are from Calypso Designs.

The little tag in the corner was one I made from Helly's layered tag templates, and I used the papers from the kit to assemble it. I sort of enjoyed doing it, and it does mean that I can make additional elements for some of the smaller kits that I like.

So...I'm not a designer, but at least I can do that much!

Pop Princess

Princess,Children,Kids Tags

Penelope is again (c) by Angelique Field/Digital Embellishments. She's not one of my favorites, but for the price? Hey.

The scraps are from the "Toxic" kit from Designs by Helly, with is a FTU kit off her blog. The Ipod came from the "Lil Drama Mama" kit, while the notes are from the "Pink Rocker" kit from Krissy's Scraps.

The star sticker is an uncredited download off Digifree/4shared. I thought about putting a record in the background, but most kids these days don't know what a "record" - as in the old pressed waxl disks - is.

Pocket Princess

Princess,Children,Kids Tags

Punky Sue is (c) by Lacy Clagg and I got her during Lacy's Black Friday sale. I like her much better than Penelope.

The scraps in this tag are from the "If the Tiarra Fits" kit from Designs by Helly except for the "crown" which I imported from the "Lil Drama Mama" kit.

The "True Blue" alpha is courtesy of A Work in Progress.


Princess,Children,Kids Tags

Punky Sue again, who is (c) by Lacy Clagg. The scraps are from the "Blue Jean Baby" taggers kit from Designs by Helly. ALL of the scraps are from Designs by Helly but the "Paper Star" and "Pretty Metal Charm, and the "Pastel Doodles" are all from separate element packs from her.

The Attitude Word Art" is by Silent Dreamer. got me off the Christmas kit. Believe it or not, I've already got all the cats for next week's T-13 scrapped out. So I feel I can indulge in some outside projects for the weekend.

I did stop by "One for the Books" on the way home tonight and picked up a copy of "PSP 8.0 for Dummies". I know, I'm running version x1, but I figure this will at least nudge me in the right direction when I get stuck. I just like books better than online help, especially as my computer is usually stressed out enough handing the graphics work I throw at it.

Besides, the plot line has got to be better than "Twilight".

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