Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Donna and Elisa

KairinaKat Kreations is kind of a new designer selling out of Creative Scraps where I "stumbled" across Elfin Princess poser. I'd done one tag, while I was playing with the Jade Dragon taggers kit from Baby Cakes Scraps.

She recently posted a free set on her blog (C.U. okay) and has just released a really nice looking kit called Midnight Whispers. You know I'll have to get it as it's Black with another color. :)

In any case, here's a tag exercise using her posers - two Holiday themed, two not.

Urban Splat

Bonitas,Romance,Love or Lust

An indulgence in glitter, as you can see! This the Donna poser (c) by KairinaKat Kreations and was the blog freebie. The scraps are from Candy's Treats Urban Chic taggers kit with additional glitter splats provided by Calypso Designs. (I bet you are all really sorry I bought that glitter collection, aren't you?)

I need "chick" word art - but I'll rant about that in another post. I don't feel either of these first two tags required word art.

I also need masks. I had a um...a visualization of how I wanted this to look but I didn't have a mask to make it do what I want. Is okay! I improvise!

Elfin Princess

Bonitas,Romance,Love or Lust

This uses the Jade Dragon kit from Baby Cake Scraps, except for the Hummingbird, which was a freebie off the Calypso Design blog.

The nice thing about living in poser world is you never have to worry about your dress falling down. (He-he!)

Xmas at the Beach

If you check Tris' post for Weekend Cat Blogging, you'll see the snow they trucked in for the Tree Lighting on Saturday Night. As always, the festivities made a royal mess of downtown Cape Coral. I like the sandcastle building contest down at the beach better, as it doesn't screw up the traffic patterns in my neighborhood.

Christmas,Bonitas,Happy Holidays,Holiday Glitter,Naughty & Nice

This the Donna poser again, with scraps provided by Sea Side Holiday taggers kit from Scrappin' with Lil Ole Me, a Florida Designer. The word art is courtesy of Ginger's House, another fellow Floridian. That leaves the Love Santa hat as being the odd element out, and that was a freebie off Kimb's Design's blog.

KairinaKat Kreations (a.k.a. Shelly) is based out of California, and so she might actually know where the beach is (unless, of course, she's living in Fresno).

Elfin Xmas

Elves,Christmas,Bonitas,Naughty & Nice,Holiday Glitter,Happy Holidays

I don't think Elisa is the kind of Elf that Santa uses.

The ribbon Christmas Tree is by Michelle's Angels. The Glitz Gem Ornament is courtesy of Mrs. Homer Lynn. The sheet music in the background is from Sentimental Style (who's still suffering from computer problems) and the rest of the scraps are from Yarrow, some from a Xmas Freebie she made available and some from the Xmas Night kit.

(Yarrow's Xmas Night kit is black and red, I had to be judicious about what I was using in a green and gold setting.)

Anyway, please excuse me while I contemplate "chick" word art...

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Anonymous said...

OH wow those posers are just gorgeous!!

And is there supposed to be something wrong with glitter? :(