Monday, December 8, 2008


Emerald-Lily is another manifestation of the Sadie Fae, this time done by Sharon Becker and (c) by her. You can find Emerald Lily over the LCTS along with the rest of Sharon's work.

She does have wings, they are just very fine and translucent, so you need to look closely to see them.

A Woodland Encounter


I used Urban Mermaid's "Fairy Dreams in the Woods" kit for this. All of UMD's stuff comes in both taggers and full size, although as stated before, unless I'm planning to use it for print, I prefer the taggers sized kits.

Here, Emerald Lily is having a woodland encounter with the fairy queen, who comes as part of the set.

Cozy Flight


I think the kits from Candy's Treats are like comfort food for me. I love creating things with them. This uses her "Cozy Autumn" kit. The butterflies come with it, the Hummingbirds are a freebie from Calypso Designs.

Garden of Delights


Bittersweet Designs "It's all Natural" is about to be retired and while the papers and the flowers are nice, on the whole, I find the kit doesn't really lend itself to constructing. But then again, I'm not all that great of a scrapper so, perhaps I'm missing out on the possibilities.

The butterfly duo were a freebie from Calypso Designs, while the Cardboard Alpha is courtesy of Designs by Dianeskie.



Dielle Designs had done some word art from the Peter Pan stories to go with her Second Star scrap kit and it was given away a Friday Freebie on Digifree. I'd like more of it! Then again, I'd like the kit too, I just don't really want a full sized kit for tagging purposes. ($5.50 for the kit, including the alpha, not that bad of a price for a full sized scrap kit.)

This tag uses the Enchanted taggers kit from Designs by Helly, which is one of my favorites.

The bracket frame is not part of the kit, BTW, it was a blog freebie from Helly that I snagged and which I've used extensively.

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