Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fairy Dreams in the Winter

I wasn't really into Urban Mermaid's "Fairy Dreams" series until she released "Fairy Dreams in the Moonlight". Since then I've bought all three of the kits and love them each. They've been wonderful for tags. So, needless to say I was quite pleased to hear she was releasing "Fairy Dreams in the Winter", which went on sale yesterday.

These first four tags all use Fae from Outlaw by Designs (from her FTU selection) and the "Fairy Dreams in the Winter" (Tagger) collection. The only difference is Miss Diamond appearing as "The Snow Queen" in the third tag.

Frost Fae


The clip art cat is from Designs by Sue and can be found at Aussie Scraps. I'm just more or less using them for the "Digicats" mark.

I also can't decide which of the elements in this kit I like the best, but the ice bird is certainly one of them.

Snow Fae


I absolutely could NOT get the background to clip into a circle, but...that's okay. It worked out well anyway.

The Snow Queen

Winter,Fairy,Fantasy,Miss Diamond,House Panther,Domestic Cat,Cute Cat

Since we had wings, I had to let Miss Diamond try them out. The Ice Crystals Alpha is courtesy of Sentimental Style.

The bubble element in the picture is also from Outlaw by design. That's Miss Diamond's Ice Palace in the background.

Frost Maiden


This is the same Fae as in the previous tag, but you get a closer look at her in this one.

The polar bears are another of the elements that I really like in this kit.

Snow Sprite


The Forest Fae used in this tag is (c) Angelique Field/Digital Embellishment and I bought her at Cool Scraps Digital. I don't have the candy cane quite right...I guess I'll fuss at it a bit more tonight and perhaps re-upload it. Also, please note the new link for Digital Embellishments.

Make sure you grab the add-on freebie to the kit on UM's blog now, otherwise you'll end up paying for it later.

Holiday Magic


This is the same sprite from Angelique Field as in the previous tag. The scraps though are from Urban Mermaid's Krafty Christmas (taggers) kit, which is another really beautiful kit. The bar code word art is from Kanela's Xpressions.

There are TWO add-ons to this kit, so be sure you snag them both off UM's blog!

I have to note that I forgot to add the Angelique's copyright on the tag, I went back and did that last night, but then I forgot to re-upload the tag.

Sad, I know. I'll do that tonight.

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