Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowcats Project - Week 2, Part 1


Domestic Cat,Bi-Colored Cat,Winter,Snowcats Project,Happy Holidays,Holiday Glitter

This was on the only piece I'd done "a while ago", dating back to the end of October. That sort of left me in a quandary as I didn't remember what kit I'd used for the scrapping. But many Winter/Christmas themed kits did I have in October.

Thus narrowed down, I was quickly able to determine the scraps had come from the "Snow Fun" FTU taggers kit by Kittz Kreationz. The alpha I already's from Free Digital Scrapbooking, of course.

Collecting and maintaining a snow flake collection is really hard. They quickly all freeze together and turn into a lump of ice in the freezer!

Queen Snickers

Torti Cat,Domestic Cat,Snowcats Project,Winter,Happy Holidays,Holiday Glitter

Queen Snickers a "new" cat for me, and I love the pretty little vest she was wearing. I understand she likes to get dressed up, but she's such a little tiny thing!

The Scraps are from the Snow Bobbins taggers size kit by Krissy's Scraps. I used the Satin Gold alpha from Free Digital Scrapbooking for the letters on the ornaments. The Ice Crystal alpha is from Sentimental Style.

Queen Snickers tag, plus the next two, were all done on November 30th. I don't know that it necessarily shows a change in skill level, as it exemplifies what you can do with a better scrap kit.

Mr. Hendrix

House Panther,Domestic Cat,Winter,Snowcats Project,Black Cat,Happy Holidays,Snowmen

This was such a nice pictures of Mr. Hendrix! The also used the Snow Bobbins I used the Wintery Wonders taggers kit from Krissy's Scraps. The "Green Flake" alpha is courtesy of Scrappin' Cop, while the Satin Gold Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking (same as in Queen Snicker's tag).

Wintery Wonders and Snow Bobbins share a color there and clip art, but in retrospect, while I was working on a tag last night, this tag was definately done witht he Wintery Wonders kit.


Ginger Cat,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Snowcats Project,Snowman,Happy Holidays

I'd used the "Silent" taggers kit from Bel Vidotti to turn a tag earlier, and something about that one inspired this layout. However, it didn't really have the little scrippy scrap pieces I needed to get it done, so...I used the snowflake element pack I'd gotten from She-Devil Design. The Snowman was from the Snow People set by Brandi's Creations.

What I'd really wanted was a little holiday village nestled in the snow, but lacking that, this worked pretty well.

The "Baby it's Cold Outside" alpha is from Designs by Karyn.

Captain Jack

Bi-Colored Cat,Domestic Cat,Snowcats Project,Winter,Snow,Snowman,Holiday Glitter

I did this one midweek on December 3rd, right after the release of the "Sleigh Bells" taggers kit from Candy's Treats. Rather than wait for Taggers Scraps to add it on New Release Friday, I went and bought it off her blog store. Besides, I'm so fed up with Taggers I saw no reason to give them the commission.

The snowman in the piece is a freebie from Aussie Scraps, while the "Warm Winter Hat" came from a set I purchased from Scrappin' with Lil Ole Me.

The Icy Snow Font alpha was a blog freebie from Candy's Treats, while the word art came with the kit.

I would make a comment about Taggers only adding kits on Friday, although Digital Freebies does that to with New Release Tuesday. The difference is that DF gives a 30% discount off on the new kits for the first week, and that they are well run store. They do their Friday freebies on Friday, etc, etc.

Taggers still has their advert up from the Black Friday sale (even though it's long over) and has completely ignored $1.00 Mondays and Wacky Wednesdays for the past several weeks, allowing their designers to put their own kits on sale whenever they please. Plus, a lot of the designers add their stuff whenever, while some wait for Friday. So it's just chaos. And they want Amanda to run the shop at DigiScrap Depot? I shudder at the thought!

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