Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fae Day

Diane at Candy's Treats put out to very lovely new kits yesterday - Jingle Bells and Moonlight. I bought them from her blog store and while I was waiting for them to come, I was playing with some of her other kits.


Punk,Romantic,Gothic,Valentine's Day

I couldn't come up with any word art for this yesterday, but in retrospect, I do have some I downloaded this weekend that would have worked. Oh well...

The poser is from the "Crush" pack from Untamed Angel and the scraps are from the Kirisue taggers kit by Candy's Treats.

Teal & Gold


The poser/fae is from Outlaw by Designs, from her free download section. The scraps are from the Missy taggers kit by Candy's Treats, except for the gold splat, which is from Calypso Designs.

I mean, she had a teal and a charcoal splat in the kit, why not a gold one?

Paper Fae


Luminiere is a new FTU fae from Sophisticated Scraps. There are 8 tubes in the set which you can get off Lisa's blog.

The Scraps are from the Cloudy Skies taggers kit from Candy's Treats. I like this so much I that I decided to do a piece with Diamond. So I selected and image and started taking the background out. Then I decided it need to be lightened so I hit auto adjust and...


Miss Diamond,House Panther,Domestic Cat,Cute Cat,Fantasy

Diamond equates it to living in Wonderland. One minute you're napping peacefully on the bed, the next minute you've been turned purple and are first cousin to the Cheshire Cat.

The Purple Coat alpha is from ScrapAlpha. The glitter doodles are FTU from the Calypso Design blog.

Summer Sun


The Goldie Poser is (c) Perfect Poser. The Scraps are from DMK Designs from the Summer Party taggers kit. The glitter splats are from Calypso Designs, and the Gratitude Alpha is courtesy of Digi-Designs by Nicole.

I think this another one of Auntie Evie's ravers, although again, Charly classes her as fantasy. Perfect has put out a couple of interesting sets of late, but given that I'm tight of funds in December, they're not high my list of things to get.

I got the DMK kit from one of the Black Friday sales, and it was actually a really nice pick up for some loose change.

Wish you were here


Another one for Manny...

The Black and White poser is from Lacy Clagg, the scraps are from Tropical Oasis taggers kit from Creations by Jo.

The Grunge Bead Alpha is from Designs by Helly, and as I previously mentioned, I forget where I got the kitty tote bags from and the TOU file is corrupted.

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Anonymous said...

I want the tote bag in real life please! How cute! The face on the last one is a bit spooky though.

The red and grey looks so perfect together, what an awesome colour combination :)