Monday, December 1, 2008

A few odd tags

Once I got past plushie mania, I spent most of the weekend tagging cats and dogs on either winter or holiday themes. Maybe I'll get back to some poser tags tonight and finish up some projects I was working on.

Bite Me

Bonitas,Valentine's Day

Diane at Candy's Treats had her Heartbreaker kit up for a long time as a blog special. I guess I'm going to have to start buying off her blog, as I certainly can't buy her stuff on Taggers Scraps if it won't let me check out.

In any case, she finally retired it and put it up as a freebie which I was MORE than happy to snag.

The tube is from Lacy Clagg and is one of her freebies. Unfortunately it was a one tube deal, but I certainly get a giggle out of it.

Blue Jean Baby


The "doll" poser is another freebie from Lacy. It's kind of similar to the popular Bratz toy line, and is obviously not intended to be realistic. I'm not much of a doll type person, but this just sort of fit in with the Blue Jean Baby kit by Toni's Scraparoni which I had bought with the intention of doing Western tags.

I picked up a lot of western themed material over the past several days so when I do settle down to Western tags again...LOOK OUT! LOL.

The cat bag was was a freebie but the info file that came with it is corrupted, so now I don't know where I got them from. There were four in the set, and they're all cute.

The Bandana Alpha was from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Shmily Fae


I'd downloaded the Shmily blog train, but haven't done much with it. I put Helly's contribution off into the Helly folder as a mini-kit instead of leaving it with the collab.

The Fae is from Outlaw by Design - one of her free to use pieces, and the scraps are for the Helly's Shmily mini-kit.

There are two or three Holiday themed blog trains that launched today, but I'm so overloaded on Holiday stuff right now, I'm only grabbing from the designers I follow on a regular basis, Helly being one of them.

Since she kindly put her stuff on sale at Cotton Candy, I was able to get the her new BBF kit (in taggers size), plus the Fallen kit, which I'd somehow missed, and several of her older tagger kits. I'm not saying I own ALL of her kits, but I'd say I've got a pretty good chunk of them.

Outlaw has just put some new freebie stuff up, so if you haven't checked her out recently, do so. Holiday scraps are included in the new material.

Dragon Fae


I got the Jade Dragon Taggers kit by Baby Cake Scraps on sale at Aussie Scraps. I've wanted this for a while and just never got around to getting it.

The Peacock Fae is (c) by Perfect Posers, also available at Aussie Scraps. The dragon came in the kit.

Jade Princess


Same kit, different poser. The Elven Princess poser is (c) by KairinaKat Kreations, and I got it over at Creative Scraps for like a buck. I don't usually shop there, which probably explains how I'd overlooked the set for this long.

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