Monday, December 15, 2008

A little bit of Candy for ya

Rose Fae


This was a really unique fae (c) by UF Designs. She's sort of similar to the Dark Fae set from Digital Embellishments, but the hair is much uh...weirder. In any case. Trying to get away from Christmas for a little bit, I used the "S.W.A.L.K." taggers kit from Candy's Treats, more for the color scheme than anything else.

I rather like the way it turned out though. The same with this one:

Vintage Fae


The fairy in this one is also (c) by UF Designs. The Scraps are from the "Purple Rain" kit which is also from Candy's Treats. The vintage items in the background are from Calypso Designs - I'm really digging these and wish Calypso would put her stuff on sale again so I could get some more. The VintageLicious Alpha is from Delicious Scraps.

I'm also wondering what I've got laying around the house that I could scan in and use as background materials on some of these layouts.


Fairies,Fantasy,Love or Lust,Valentine's Day

Also from (c) UF Designs, this little Fae was pretty much done before I got started with her, given that she's sitting on a flowering branch to start with. The scraps came from the "Kirisue" taggers kit from (yes, you guessed it) Candy's Treats. I wanted butterfies but didn't (and still don't) want to pay $3.00 for the collection from Calypso Designs, so I used Hummingbirds from her "Birds Vol. 1" instead.

Taggers had a sale, and I managed to get their cart to work and to get the rest of the kits I wanted from Diane, leaving only Scrumdelicious, CSI and Jailbird as the kits of hers I don't have. The last two are the ribbon heavy kits, and while I've seen some nice tags done with them, I'm sure I want to try.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo I love love love the vintage fae!! That is gorgeous!
But all of them are pretty:)