Thursday, December 11, 2008

House Panthers (and a Snowflake)

I'd really wanted two work with the new Baby Cakes Scraps kits, know how that goes.


Bonitas,Holiday Glitter,Happy Holidays

This uses the "All that Glitters" kit from Baby Cakes Scraps, which I really, really like. The red and gold is very rich, plus you've got a lot of bling!

The poser was a freebie from Calypso Designs off their blog. Now...why don't they release a pack like this?


Material Grr

House Panther,Grr,Domestic Cat,Black Cat,Holiday Glitter

I posted this one for GrrDay today on House Panthers. I used the same "All that Glitters" kit from above. The word art is from Ginger's House, and the Gold Alpha is another freebie from Andjelina's Designs.

The Arch-Angel Gabrielle

Russian Blue,House Panther,Christmas

I don't think I posted this one here yet, Gabrielle is another member of House Panthers, under the Krasota Castle Cats group membership. The Scraps (including the alpha) are from the "Owl be Home for Christmas" kit from Designs by Helly.

The halo is from Untamed Angel's Heaven and Hell kit. This is very similar to the layout I've done for Thunder that will be in the December 18th issue of T-13.

Me and my Shadow

Russian Blue,Blue Wednesday

Two more of the Krasota Castle Cats. They are Russian Blue Cattery and black cats are a by throw of the Russian Blue Breed. (Now a new sub-breed, Russian Black.)

I used the Purple Rain kit from Candy's Treats for this, while the Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapboking. I would have liked to find a loopy sort of string to thread the alpha-bets on, but I was too lazy to look for one that would suit, let alone create one!

The blue (gray) cat is Sany, I'm not sure which one the black on is (Alexi, maybe?). That's part of the problem with Krasota...trying to tell their cats apart.

Dear Santa

Grr,House Panther,Domestic Cat,Christmas

This is the follow up piece to "Grristmas" which was also used on House Panthers. The two shots are actually a series of Grr from her blog. The scraps in this kit are from the "Waiting for Santa" kit from Cinnamon Scraps. The word art is from Ginger's House and the Christmas Dot Alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Grr has a lot of explaining to do, if she thinks she's going to get all the "Material Grr" things she's asking for on House Panthers this week.

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Alexi said...

Hi! We like the photos of Gabrielle, Annie, and me. Annie is the Russian Black, same breed different color,of course, and I'm the "blue"! We love the backgrounds. Can we put the posts on my bloggie?