Sunday, December 28, 2008


Mila is one of the new posers that is (c) by KairinaKat Kreations and I really love the Turquoise Blue color she uses, especially in the wings. You can find Mila along with Shelly's other offerings at Creative Scraps.

I had actually bought a kit from Farrah's Creations that has turquoise in it and was going to use that, but in the end I went a different route as I was experimenting with the PSP controls again.

And this is when I learned how to color. With glitter no less!

A Dream is a Wish


My dreams are usually so freaky, that I could really contest this saying. However...

The scraps are from the "Midnight in the Garden" kit from Designs by Helly. If you want to play with glows, this is the kit to do it with, as everything is black-on-black. In the end though I really only added a glow on the lace, everything else stood out on it's own.

The word art is from Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin. I think most of the glitter tiles I have on my system are from Candy's Treats, so I'll credit her with the "crayons".

I could never get glitter to work right in PS5.0. I'm so jazzed to have glitter crayons to play with now. LOL!

Dream On


All the credits are the same as on the previous tag, except for the moon, which is one of the pre-decorated ones from the CU Moon Pack by Chaos Priestess.

Star Light, Star Bright


I usually love anything done by Tizzy's Angel, but I'm a little less than enthusiastic about her latest release, which is called "Rainbow Blues". Maybe it will grown on me.

The rainbows are nice. She works a lot of religious icons into the scraps and I'm not a religious person, which might be the problem. The doodle is by Calypso Designs, while the word art is still courtesy of Cupcake Sprinkles by Caitlin.

Dream like you'll live forever


The scraps were provided by the "Minutes to Midnight" taggers kit by Yarrow. The word art was longer, I cut the second half out because it was too long for a tag.

Now I want to learn how to do a glitter fill like in the magic wand. I have all these glass charms from Candy's Treats....

I am bummed because loooong holiday weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow...and deal with the Powells. ::sigh:: And even though it's only half a week before we go on New Year's break, I'd still rather stay in bed.

Oh wait....I can't get in bed, Tristan is using it!

Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

And how could I disturb anyone that looks that comfy?

Hosting Bad Kitty Cat's Festival of Chaos is obviously really hard work!

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Anonymous said...

You could snuggle in around him? ;)
The glitter is pretty.. I have always loved glitter :) More dark reds and blues and greens glitter but any glitter is nice :) And yours was :)