Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cats on Tuesday - Snuggle Time

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So Dangerous Diamond

I finally finished the first book of the Twilight series, and I generally feel like I'm only person in the world who doesn't like it. I personally can't believe someone wrote four volumes of such drivel, but...there you go.

As I was generally avoiding reading the thing, it's been a while since Diamond and I had a snuggle fest, but I remedied that on Sunday when I started another romance. She likes to be read to, so I settled down with my book and a good little black cat sitting on me. So I read, and I pet her, and she drools all over me, which is the most "snuggling" we ever get, as she hates being held or restrained in any way.

Tristan was outside, so we had a good hour of snuggle time to ourselves.

I do wish they'd start getting along better, but with Diamond, it's likely to take a long while before she finally accepts him, as she's pretty set in her ways, and this is still "her" house. At least they're not growling and hissing anymore, but that don't stop her from taking a swipe at him from time to time. That might be about the best we'll ever be able to manage.

The bedroom seems to have become more or less Tristan's domain, but isn't going to stop Miss Diamond from getting her snuggle time in. Oh no. Especially if I'm going to read to her. And especially if there is a cat in the book. (Well, there were kittens, and I guess that counted.)

Diamond's "evil eye" layout was done using the "Dangerous" taggers kit by Farrah's Creations. The mask is courtesy of Wee Scotts Lass, while the "So Dangerous" word art come to use from Calypso Designs.


Gattina said...

Don't worry about hissing or a little slap ! My females "hate" each other dearly, no, now they tolerate each other, but nothing more ! Only Mr. Arthur is tolerated and never hissed at !
I wish you a happy New Year and hope you join the group again next year !

Tink said...

Snuggle time is the best! My cats like to get it apart AND all three together! :)

Cafe Cats said...

YaY for snuggle time! Sara still bats at Bebe and it was Bebe's house first! Everyone bats at me, but I know they're really just playin', right Mama?


Unknown said...

My oldest kitty, Katy, will never ever sit in my lap! She will cuddle with me in bed (when she feels like it lol) but never in my lap. The other 3 kitties make up for her, though, as they all love cuddle time. :)

catsynth said...

Snuggle time is definitely a high priority. I'm (mostly) off from work right now, so trying to take advantage of extra snuggle time.

Anonymous said...

Ohh that is soooo beautiful that she likes to be read to! :) And the drooling bit makes it even more a gorgeous picture in my head :)
You know it takes time, don't stress about them getting along, they will in their own time. But you know also that my two beautiful girls how came before, would never ever cuddle in all of their 20+ years together, but I tell you if one was in trouble the other would be there is a flash to help.
Just like humans, cats have their own personalities and each and every one is different :)