Friday, December 26, 2008

Cinnamon Shrooms with Elves on the Side

"Cinnamon" is (c) by Sharon Becker and I think it one of her better offerings to date. Sharon does very little with mature posers, she likes to focus on kids - specifically little girls - with the Nana chibis and various Sadie versions. Cinnamon is of course of the later.

Cinnamon's Dream


The scraps are from Urban Mermaid's "Fairy Dreams in the Fall" kit, which I have in taggers size. However, the Add-on was full sized, so I could take things - like that leaf element, and make it huge in the background. It defies perspective, but it gives it a really cool look.

The "elf" down in the right hand corner is (c) by Calypso Designs, while the fairy on the vine belongs to the FDF kit.

Cinnamon's Enchantment


This contains another of Calypso Designs' elves, and the Hummingbird is one of hers as well. The rest of the scraps, including the word art, butterfly and various critters are from the "Enchanted" kit by Cinnamon Scraps.

Cinnamon Dance


The "Mushroom Man" was a freebie from Aussie Scraps. He LOOKS really familiar - like I've seen these before, but where? Shrek?

The scraps are from UMD's "Fairy Dreams in the Fall" again. I did one each of the elf and the mushroom man with FDF and one each with the Enchanted kit. How predictable is that?

A Dash of Cinnamon


So here is the other "Mushroom Man" and of course this was done with the "Enchanted" Kit from Cinnamon Scraps. This was actually a really good kit to use with the Shroom Guys because it has all the realistic looking mushrooms in it. LOL!

Cinnamon's New Year

Fae,Fantasy,Happy New Year

There were five tubes in the pack and she came with a bonus Christmas Tree that matched her outfit. However, her coloring made me think she'd go really good with the Taggers Scraps New Years collab kit, and I wasn't wrong. With the demise of Taggers, the various designers are selling or giving away their portions of the kit. I didn't buy all of them, but I have several - three or four - which make for a pretty good size collab kit.

If you visit Candy's Treats, you can find a list of the some of the designers involved.

I have to do a New Year's themed T-13, and I don't have that many New Year's themed kits, so I'm going to be relying heavily on this one.

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