Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Blue Fae

I didn't get a lot of PSPing done last night, or any other sort of graphic work either, but I did manage to knock out four tags, all using the Blue Tulip (a.k.a. Blue Fae) poser from KairinaKat Kreations that was released yesterday.

She put three new tube packs in her stores, plus a freebie which you can download over at Creative Scraps. She does some really, really nice work and it's very reasonably priced.

Winter Masquerade

Fairies,Winter,Fantasy,Holiday Glitter

This is the first one I did and it's the nicest. It also took the longest, which might explain why it's nicest.

I used the "Winter Masquerade" taggers kit from Baby Cakes Scrap which I also purchased last night. When I went back later and bought her 5-kit for $7.50 deal - she just such really beautiful kit.

I used her "Winter's Chill" kit for Diamond's blog layout and it's jut gorgeous.

Anyway...going back to this tag...The overlay, which gives it that "flair" look is from Calypso Design, and I used of the "Chrome Frames" from the Chaos Priestess 8-pack.

The Fae is (of course) (c) KairinaKat Kreations. She did a really beautiful on these and the faces don't have those weird "Barbie Doll" looks you see on a lot of the posers out there.

So this ended up being a really nice piece, all the way around. (Ah yes, and I love all the bling!)

Glittered Fae

Fairies,Winter,Fantasy,Holiday Glitter

Same deal...the scraps are from Baby Cake Scraps from the "Winter Masquerade" taggers kit, and the Blue Fae is (c) KairinaKat Kreations. I had an idea of where I was going with this, but I didn't quite get there.

It turned out being more of a exercise in glitter than anything. (Not that I'm complaining, as I'm very attached to glitter - in case you hadn't noticed.)

I'm just thinking how nice that Fae would look with glitter along the tops of her wings...

I really need to find out how to do that.

Snow Angel


I had gotten this snow globe template from Farrah's Creations, but it's not layered. In other words, I can't take out the back ground elements she's got in there, only add to them. What I really want is a build my own where I've got the base and ball, and maybe a selection of snow patterns and go through and work one up by myself.

However, lacking that, I turned instead to the "Fairy Dreams in the Winter" taggers sized kit by Urban Mermaid. She has a nice blank snow globe in there, so it worked out fairly well.

I used the same trick on Bebe's picture for the upcoming T-13 as the images on Cat Cafe are smaller and tend to pixelate out quickly, so I put her in a snow globe, and made that the main focus of the piece.

The main trick here was getting all of the wings and things inside the globe (even after I'd cropped the poser to fit into a circle) and getting the snow to set right in the bottom of the globe.

The Icebird


I really like the icebird element from "Fairy Dreams in the Winter" and this gave me the opportunity to make it part of the central focus of the piece. Getting the snow blog off it's base was a major pain in the rump. Beyond that, I don't think the silver deer in the background works, but I'm not really unhappy with the piece. Using the silver tree and the "dolly" fairy added a sort of surreal feel to the piece, and gave me a giggle.

I might work on this a bit more later as I think I can do a better job on the snow globe. I actually finished it up this morning over orange juice, so I'm sure it could stand a bit more attention.

Diamond Down Under

House Panther,Russian Blue,Holiday Glitter,Happy Holidays

While I was off on a spending spree at Creative Scraps, I also picked up the "Frozen in Time" taggers kit from Creationz by Jo. I don't think this layout really does it justice, however, I needed to put something together for Blue Wednesday.

Diamond is another problem feline as his pictures are fairly small and not the greatest to work with. I ended up sizing him down from where I wanted him as he was starting to fall into pixels. The name is done in the lovely Winter Alpha by Andjelina's Designs.

Diamond lives in Aus, so I didn't really want to get too icy with the piece, as he's experiencing spring right now, so that sort of stunted the options with the kit. No icicles (for example).

Please note that the "Star Curtain" has become the next big thing to sweep its way through the digital scrapbooking community and everyone has to have them right now. I wonder what spring will bring?

On a side note, Lacy Clagg has released her 2008 Christmas Pressie so head on over to LCTS and download it. 16 tubes, (including milk and cookies and penguins) for free! Jenny'z Dreamz also has a freebie Holiday photo pack up, so be sure to snag that too!

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