Sunday, December 7, 2008


Grrrr...I asked nicely a couple of people to send me larger pictures of their pets for this week's T-13, and neither complied. So I had to get inventive. I guess if nothing else it will help to make me a better scrapper?

But really! In any case...

My friend Michelle is very, very Irish, but she's obsessed with all things French. French history, French culture, French language, etc. She's the person that taught me what little of the language I know.

These first three tags all use the "Red Fancy" poser that was a FTU pack off Angelique Field's old website. The scraps were provided by the "Moulin Rouge" taggers kit from Designs by Helly.

Romance,Paris,People & Places,Bonitas

The big Eiffel Tower on the left was a piece of clip art, the rest from the scraps are from Helly. I just had this "idea" on the whole, it worked out pretty good. The Alpha in this tag and in the following tag are both from Flower Scraps, from the "After Dusk Blog Train".

Romance,Paris,People & Places,Bonitas

Romance,Paris,People & Places,Bonitas

There's an old 10 C.C. song called "One Night in Paris" that kept playing in my mind while is doing these pieces. The "White Christmas" alpha is from Delicious Scraps.

This last tag also uses one of Angelique's posers - "Adeline" - and she was a freebie when Angelique was selling out of Lacy's Tube Shop. (I'm glad I got all of these while the getting was good!)

The scraps are from another Designs by Helly kit - this time the "Savannah" one, and it's for my friend Merry Jane, who's a born and bred Florida Cracker. They're a rarity these days, believe me!

Romance,People & Places,Bonitas

The Alpha comes with the "Savannah" kit, which Helly says was inspired by the Georgia City.

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Anonymous said...

The Paris one are just lovely, totally embody romance!
I hope your friend does not like ALL things french including their hygiene.
I believe that the girls there don't even shave/wax.. EEwww ;)