Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Little Halloween?

Diana had come into my office about a week ago, and she was asking about Hurricane Charley. But she's German and her accent was so bad, I thought she was asking about a client

"Herr-Klein, Charley and Vilma".

Hey, you's a reasonable mistake. Anyway...

Cute Count Charley


Cute Count Charley is the male counterpart to the Sweet Little Goths I'd posted last month. He is from Outlaw by Designs, from the free download section.

Similar to the Sweet Little Goths, I used Yarrow's Gothique Violet kit, and the "Silver Twilight Alpha" from Amber Gray Designs. The only difference was I flipped colors...Charley is wearing red, so he's on the purple background while...

Little Vampy Vinnie


Vampy Vinnie is purple and was scrapped with the Gothique Rouge taggers kit by Yarrow.

The Coffins are also from Outlaw by Design and are a separate tube from the vampires.

Sweet Little Witch


The little witch tube, and the cauldron are both from Outlaw by Design. The scraps are from Chaos Priestess' "Night of the Dead" taggers kit, while the "Little Monster" alpha is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

There's a couple of different little witch tubes I probably could make tags out of, and need I say, it's a bit of a change from the Christmas tags.



This is similar to the previous tag, with the little witch tube and cauldron coming from Outlaw by Design. The scraps are from the "Fright Night" Taggers kit from Creationz by Jo, except that I got down to the end and needed "something" to put behind the witch. For once, "Snookums" wasn't working for me, but then I remembered "Dead Ted".

He's a new character created by Scraps with an Attitude, and he worked out perfect. Yeah, I paid $2.00 for him but what the heck.

The "Black Circle" alpha is courtesy of Golden Girls Digital Designs.

BTW...check out the Dark Angel kit from Captivated Visions. I know,We've seen those tubes before but why do I feel I'm going to end up buying this one?

(And yes, it is REALLY confusing have two of us at the office even though we try to sort ourselves out by "the German one" and "the American one".)

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