Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dark & Tainted

I need word art - or at least, I need some source of inspiration. Everyone comes up the this hot little phrases for their tags and I just kind of sit there and go auuuggghhh.... when I get to that step. I can't even come up with good song lyrics, which I'm usually able to do in other cases. I just sort of blank.

I mean, I have the goth packs from Angie and I've the "Attitude" WA from Silent Dreamer but somehow...none of this is working for me. In any case.

Two new very interesting kits of late: "Dark Angel" by Captivated Visions and "Tainted" by Scraps with Attitude. These run along the dark and grungy lines which I seem to enjoy so much.

We'll do Dark Angel first, only because I pulled my hair on on the second Tainted tag and may be less likely to rant about it when I get down to it if I put it on the bottom of the post.


Dark Angel


Even my titles are unoriginal. The Goth Fae poser is (c) Angelique Field and since it was a Halloween offering, is not currently available. The Dark Angel kit itself is interesting but I got into the middle of this tag and sort of stalled. So went over and grabbed one of the "Tattoo Doodles" from Bittersweet Designs and used that, overlaying it with one of the heart graphics that came with the kit.

Then I needed word art. I settled on the "Dark Angel" piece off one of Angie's Goth packs, and modified it to take the graphic out, as that wasn't working. So it turned out okay...but not great.

The "Doodle Tattoos" are going into close out, so you might want to get them as with most doodles, they can be very useful for filling up otherwise empty spots.

Angel on Fire


Now this was nice piece of word art from the "Goth Wordart Series 4" from Angie. I didn't realize it was in there, but it worked out great.

The Poser is also named "Angel" the latest offering from Untamed Angel and part of her "Seductive" pack. She has a 2-tube freebie pack on her blog, the full PTU set is available at Angelic Scraps or Heavenly Taggerz.

The doodle is a blog freebie from Calypso Design, but it is also a part of the Doodles Vol. 2 pack.

I thought this tag turned out rather nice and shouldn't I change the one on Myspace already?

Tainted Love

Bonitas,Romance,Gothic,Love or Lust

I LOVE Dead Ted, but I'm wondering if he didn't sell the way he was expected to, if she's rolled him over into a kit. And it's a very fun kit too...in fact, I think I'll do a tag tonight for Grr for Grrday using it.

This is another of the Seductive posers from (c) Untamed Angel. But it needs some sore of snappy saying which I just can't come up with. Urgh. Otherwise it turned out nice. Just wordless.

Now comes the bear.

Tainted Heart

Bonitas,Gothic,Romance,Love or Lust

I wanted a heart shaped frame element and while I was rooting around on the hard drive I found this PSP template in gray scale that I'd downloaded via Digifree. So went and colored it thinking, "Oh this will work nice. Actually, it's a little too spaced out and could use several more roses in there to close up the gaps. It also would have been nicer with a glitter edge on the flowers, but I don't have an action do to that with.

And finally...I was overlapping layers between the frame the poser and the button in the background...a small logistical problem that was driving me nuts. I finally saved it and took it over to PS, where I at least knew how to fix it.

I really need to get a PSP how to book. I know I can do the same thing in that program, I just don't know HOW!


In any case, this is one of the Crush posers from (c) Untamed Angel. The only other outside element, besides the flower frame from hell, were the glitter splats which are from Calypso Designs (of course).

From now on I'm going to stick the the chrome heart shaped frame I got from Chaos Priestess.


Miss Diamond,House Panther,Tuxi Cat,Domestic Cat

Cattitude or Tuxi-tude or whatever you want to call it, Miss Diamond has it.

I used one of Bittersweet Designs Tattoo Doodles, but all the rest of the scraps came from the tainted it. I did have to fix her eye, but it turned out good and doesn't look any more painted the one I didn't have to fix.

The word art flair fit purrrrfectly as well.

Yeah, I definitely need to use this kit for a Grr tag.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh I just love dark ones :)
I don't know whether it helps but you ca get lots of inspiration for names from music lyrics.. for instance if it is something dark and goth go to goth music.. beachy.. etc..Just change the words a little, I used to use it when I was doing a club magazine :)
Also, who needs books when you have the internet, everything I have learnt I have googled, thank goodness for people like to talk about what they know!! :)
You just have to find the right wording, but I usually start with How to... :)