Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not quite Christmas Angels

Van Meowlin'

Rock,Tabby Cat,Domestic Cat,Sir Tristan

Untamed Angel had released a freebie "Rock Star" taggers kit on her blog. I tossed one of the Hayden Posers behind the drums and away we went. The Metal Alpha is by Nettie B Scrapz. The Attitude is all Sir Tristan. He is quite the rock tabby!

This was kind of interesting in retrospect as UA then released several new poser kits this week, including "Hard Rock" a.k.a. the "Rock Chicks" which are basically just the Hayden posers redressed. But hey...I like those girls!

Bad Girlfriend

Bonitas,Rock,Love or Lust

This is one of the new "Rock Chicks". For the main part, the scraps are from the newly released "Bad Girlfriend" scrap kit from Scraps with Attitude. Yes, it was inspired by the song of the same name. However, I supplemented it with the big ribbon, which is from Candy's Treat's "Dial 0800 U Wish" FTU kit.

The record in the background and the guitar overlay are from Yarrow's "Rock Devil" kit. I'll be interested to see how SWA's Creative Team scraps this one out.

Man Eater

Bonitas,Rock,Love or Lust

Same deal, the main scraps are from "Bad Girlfriend", the ribbon is from the U Wish kit. The guitars in this case were a freebie element from Tri-Faith Scraps, who is doing a 31 days of freebies giveaway on her blog.

The Rock Chick poser is again (c) by Untamed Angel.

Dark Trends

Rock,Bonitas,Love or Lust

Aside from the Rock Chicks, we also got new packages of "Trendsetter Posers", "Sea Godess" posers and Grand Prix posers. Angelic Scraps is giving away a PTU item every day between now and Christmas as well, and the "Trendsetter posers" was one of those items. So I got the little beauty in this tag, (c) by Untamed Angel, free!

The scraps this time around are from the "Tortured Dreams" taggers kit by Tammy's Scraps. The "Dark Dreams" wordart that you can almost read in the background is from Angie's Asylum, from her "Gothic Wordart Series 4".

Punk Trends

Rock,Bonitas,Punk,Love or Lust

Another of the Trendsetter posers which are (c) by Untamed Angel. The scraps are from the "Punk Princess" taggers kit by Baby Cakes Scraps. I know, but you get Biscuit in both kits and the bunny is kind of cute.

Dirty Little Rock Star


The male version of BCS's "Punk Princess" is the "Dirty Little Rock Star" taggers kit which provided the scraps for this tag. In this case I've gone from not enough word art last week to too much word art as virtually everything I used out of this kit has word art attached to it. ::sigh::

The "Rock On" poser is from Perfect Posers and can be found at Aussie Scrap Designs Store, as can BCS's kits which are on sale this week for $1.50. You can pick up the "Bad Girlfriend" taggers kit while you are there as well.

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