Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Lil Mischief

I do like the "Lil" series from Krissy's Scraps and Lil Rebel and Lil Mischiefs have been her best two to date. These next four tags all make use of the "Lil Mischief" chibi, (c) by Krissy's Scraps, which is available at Designer Scraps Livin' Large and Cotton Candy Kreationz.

Lil Heart of Darkness


Now seriously, wouldn't she look great with fangs? I do like Evie's suggestion of a Bambino eating Chibi, and she'd certainly be the one to get the job done!

The scraps are from the "Dark Angel" kit by Captivated Visions. The Goth Doll is from Calypso Design (Vol.3, I think) and the cord bow is courtesy of Judy Meibusch.

The "Dark Angel" kit is available at Creative Scraps.

Reality Bites


Brandi at Grunge and Glitter scraps made her first scrap kit in September and she's already selling at Digital Chaos. This tag uses her "Teenage Dirtbag" taggers kit, with some notable additions.

The two "Tracy" dolls are (c) by Krissy's Scraps. The Glitter Brackets are courtesy of Designs by Helly, and Biscuit, the Dead Headz Bunny, is from Angie's Asylum. If I were to ask Santa for something for Christmas, it would be one of each of the commercial use items in the Poisoned Princess store, but I probably haven't been that good this year. So I'll settle for one of each of the Dead Headz, how's that?

(Of course, I also want one of each of Yarrow and Chaos Priestess' CU templates as well, but...I shouldn't complain. With the $20 gift card I get a bunch of Farrah's templates, so that should keep me happy.)

Grungy Lil Mischief


I'd originally intended to use one of the "Dark Soul" kits from Melissa's Scraps, but I had this FTU Grungie Pretty mini-kit from her, so I ended up using that instead. The Glitter Hearts are from a FTU element pack from her blog.

The Denim Bracket is from Cutiepie Pics, while the doodles and the Goth Doll are (c) by Calypso Designs.

The Goth Dolls are starting to grown on me. The "cute" babies and the creepy little elves never will - although I just downloaded some strange mushroom guys from Aussie Scraps and she suggested they'd be good accessories for Fairy tags. So now I'm thinking the creepy little elves might be as well.

Anyway, it turned out kind of cute, don't you think?

Tortured Lil Dreamer


Tammy of Tammy's Scraps evidently does have one of every CU item in the Poisoned Princess shop and she used several to whip up her "Tortured Dreams" taggers kit. All of the scraps in this tag came from that kit, including the word art and the Dead Headz dolls.

It's very heavy on the skulls (not to mention Pink and Black), so it's really very Emo.

Of course, I'd also like a new computer and a new - or at least properly working - car for Christmas, but I don't have a Santa with deep pockets.

Anyway, I have to go the pharmacy now. Perhaps when I come back I'll see what I can do with Creepy Little Elves and Strange Shroom Guys.

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