Friday, December 19, 2008

The Moon is Harsh Mistress

If I have one vanity, it is being Goddess of the Moon. I think that's why I'm so much of a night owl.

I love the Melissa posers that KairinaKat Kreations put out...and I had to do something with them as soon as I got them. Happily we got let out of work early on Wednesday, and so I had the time to do that.

So all the Fae in these tags are (c) KairinaKat Kreations and you can purchase the Melissa Pack at Creative Scraps (Personal or Creative Use).

Moonlit Night


All the scraps on this one are from Candy's Treats' "Moonlight" taggers kit. The "Silver Twilight" alpha is from Amber Gray Designs. The is was probably the first "Twilight" related item I got, now suddenly the digiscrap world has gone Twilight crazy and everywhere I look, someone has a new Twilight themed kit coming out.

Lady of the Moon


The scraps are from "A Moonlit Night" by Tizzy's Angel, which is just a beautiful taggers kit. I love everything Kathy puts out though, which is no where near enough to make me happy.

The crescent moon was double circle cut out of one of her papers, the circle frame was then cut to match it. I was trying to blend the dress into the nebula of the background, but I don't think that worked as well as I wanted. Well...I never said I was an expert at this stuff.

Midnight Fae


Another of my favorite designers is Helly, and this tag uses her "Midnight in the Garden" kit. The "glitter leaves" were from an embellishment pack at is available at Ahhh Scrap. The "Moon" is actually the "Moonstone" from above referenced "A Moonlit Night" by Tizzy's Angel. The Diamond Alpha is by JoBeth at JW Scraps.

The Howlin' Moon


The scraps are from Chaos Priestess' "Magikal Worker" taggers kit. The Moon is part of a freebie four pack available on Digital Chaos - the only boutique in the world that will give you the moon and the stars for free! (Not to mention Kitty Ribbons.) The Black Gold Alpha was a freebie from Bizee Digi-Arts, and the quote is from the late, great, George Carlin.

Queen of the Night


Another taggers kit from Tizzy's Angel, this is the Gothic Envy kit. I generally crop the head shots in a circle for these tags, which was the case here. Then I set the transparency to like 68 or 70% to bring out some of the background features of the moon through the image of the Fae.

The problem with cropping in a circle is you clip off the ends of a the wings, and I'm usually too lazy to get them and pin them back on, although it would certainly make for a better visual.

I also wanted a quote for this but after sleeping on it and even running an internet search, couldn't come up with anything I liked, so... No quote. :P

Anyway...we're having a short day at work today. I have the first round of Holly Daze cats to write up...Check out the T-13 presentation on Diamond's Lair along with the corresponding text.

Depending upon how co-operative my computer is, I might be able to do some of that from home. Anyway, hope you enjoyed these tags as much as I enjoyed making them. I love the Melissa pack as well as the her new Blue Poser that I've yet to do some tags on. She's put out a bunch of "spring" type Fae, and you know me and pastels. ;P

Also visit Creative Scraps today (Friday, December 19th) as Shelly's Christmas Countdown is up you'll want to snag it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow they are gorgeous! The poser, the backgrounds.. just the whole lot!!
hehe I like the day and night, however the day does not like me, I get terrible headaches, can't see and just feel like falling sleep standing up. And that's with sunglasses and a hat..It just saps you.. I have no idea how people work in it :)
Again they are mega gorgeous even! :)

PES: Twilight kinda was a let down.. I mean hell, if you had to spend a long long time with someone would you want them to be at least a little bit fun? Not a whiney "oh woe is me" kinda person.. ;)