Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I got bugs
I got bugs in my room
Bugs in my bed
Bugs in my ears
Their eggs in my head
Bugs in my pockets
Bugs in my shoes
Bugs in the way I feel about you
~ Pearl Jam "Bugs"

Treasured Scraps had a 34 cents sale - there's one on right now through Christmas Eve, and I picked up most of Angelique Field's tubes packs, including the cuddle bug packs which I have virtually no interest in. However, I know Danielle at least will like them.

So all the Lady Cuddle Bugs in the following tags are (c) by Angelique Field/Digital Embellishment.

Lady Bug and Love Bug

Chibi,Bug,Kids Tags

Chibi,Bug,Kids Tags

The scraps from both these tags came from the "Strawberry Shortcake" FTU taggers kits by Candy's Treats. This is one of her first kits from earlier in 2008 when she started making them, and was the first kit she put out in .png format (as opposed to a .psp image format).

The crumpled paper in the Love Bug tag is also from her, but it is from a separate FTU element pack that is available on her blog.

The bugs in both tags are from the Cute Critters element pack from Scrappin' with Lil Ole Me, and the "Pink Ice" alpha is from Katimausi76, although it looks more frosted than iced. The Cute Critters pack is FTU and can be found at Creative Scraps.

It's kind of interesting to see how far Diane at Candy's Treats has progressed in a year. Compare this to the "Moonlight" or "Sleigh Bells" kit and the difference is really quite stunning.

"Friends Don't Bug Me" and "Cute as a Bug"

Chibi,Bug,Kids Tags

Chibi,Bug,Kids Tags

In both cases, the scraps are from the FTU "Bugs in my Garden" kit from from Kittz Kreationz. There are no outside elements or alphas.

"Hug a Bug" and "Cuddle Bug"

Chibi,Bug,Kids Tags

Chibi,Bug,Kids Tags

The scraps in both case, plus the word art and/or alpha are from the "Let Me Bug You" taggers kit from Creationz by Jo. I'd done a few kitty cat tags with this kit before, but it works well with the chibis too.

About the only thing I want from Angelique right now are some of her seasonal packs (i.e. Halloween) but these are not available at any of her stores (darn it all anyway).

I know, not exactly the tags you were expecting on Christmas Eve, but I felt a little taste of spring would be nice.

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Anonymous said...

*shiver* spring or Halloween! hehe
No no... that is mean, I am sure that they would appeal to someone :)