Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Princess

"Angelique" is a 3-piece (plus 1 bonus item) freebie that you can pick up on Sharon Becker's blog. All these's almost like Christmas around here!

She's kind of the pre-teen version of the "Princess" chibi. These are princess tags, but I took a bit of a holiday twist on the last two.

Her Royal Highness

Princess,Paris,Kids Tags

If you didn't figure it out on your own, yes, Angelique's's another Sadie morph. Sharon seems to specialize in those! The scraps are from the "Pretty Princess Marie" kit from Urban Mermaid, the photo is a still from the 2006 film featuring Kirsten Dunst. The word art is by Scrappin' Sooze, part of her "Princess Page Titles" collection.

A Girly Christmas

Princess,Christmas,Happy Holidays,Kids Tags

Following the crash and burn of Taggers Scraps, several designers are considering their retirement, although I gather this is the time of the year to pack things in if you're going to do it. Cinnamon Scraps seems to be one of those, as she was not only effected by the TS affair, but she's also pregnant.

"A Girly Xmas" is by her and it's one of the kits she marked down to a dollar, so it's 50 cents on half-price sale. And it's a nice little holiday kit too, if you've got a little princess or if you just like pink.

Lil Angel

Princess,Angels & Devils,Happy Holidays,Christmas,Holiday Glitter,Kids Tags

I think they're more like butterfly wings, but this uses scraps from Baby Cake Scraps' "Angel Kiss" taggers kit. This was one of the kits I got on the five-for-$7.50 deal at Creative Scraps. The Word Art is courtesy of Pam LaFors Design.

I'm procrastinating doing cat tags because I'm feeling somewhat uninspired, but perhaps that will change after I sleep on it. I did do lot of the tubing, which is the preliminary work and which takes the longest (usually) so I'm pretty set once I'm ready to get going.

I won the $20 gift card from DSLL - I'm going shopping! However on a semi-sweet and sad note, Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps decided to retire, so all of her old kits are now up as freebies on DSLL. So I got like 30 or so new kits - free - plus $20 to spend plus a bunch of free posers from Sharon and several other designers around the internet. It's like Christmas!

I'm sad to see Lisa go though, I really liked her work. Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

Ohh congrats on the gift card!! :)

Maybe she will miss it and be back? you never know :)