Sunday, December 21, 2008


Winter Wonderland

Fairy,Fantasy,Snow,Holiday Glitter,Kids Tags

The Ice Fae is (b) by Brandi's Creations and comes with her own kit. I like Brandi's posers, I rarely use her kits though. This is should not be taken a slight against her skills, I'm not just not all that fond of her style. Your millage will likely differ, of course. (Note that I use Krissy's kit and Krissy's posers, I just rarely put them both together in the same place at the same time.)

Anyway, the scraps are from the "Sleigh Bells" kit by Candy's Treats, except for the snowflakes, which are from SheDevil Designs and the Word Art, which is from Happy Family Scraps.

(I've had this word art for a bit, but it's from a German designer and some of it is in German. So I'd been kind of ignoring it until I uncovered it today and said "Oh look at all the fun things in here." I know...)

Snow Angel

Fairy,Winter,Fantasy,Snow,Holiday Glitter,Kids Tags

All the credits are the same as in the previous tag. I kind of had fun doing the Eskimo tags all together so I was sort of aiming for the same feel. However, I was playing with the Ice Fae in the first place because...

Sharon Becker had done a set that she calls "Ice Queen" and I hadn't gotten it at first because it was kind of odd. But I couldn't get it out my head either, so I went and ordered it anyway. Sharon's in the U.K., so there's a bit of a turn around in getting her sets so I was playing with Brandi's posers while I was waiting.

Ice Queen

Fairy,Fantasy,Winter,Snow,Kids Tags

Miss Diamond is of course the reigning Snow Queen and we'd never dethrone her.

The Ice Queen is (c) by Sharon Becker. The scraps are from the Sleigh Bells taggers kit by Candy's Treats and the word art is from Happy Family Scraps.

This has a real magical feel to it and I love the way it turned out, so I'm glad I went back and bought this little poser pack. I don't think these are really "fairies" as so much as they are elementals, but I figure they are first cousins. They are indeed first cousins to Brandi's Ice Fae as they are both Sadie morphs.

(I really should learn Daz3D. Look: Goth Sadie!)

Fairy Tale Winter

Fairy,Fantasy,Winter,Snow,Kids Tags

Same deal as the previous tags with the snowflakes coming from SheDevil Designs. The only difference is the word art, which is from Juliya, and which I edited a bit before I used it.

I pretty much don't comment about what kits contains, but...butterflies? in the winter? All of the ones over here are currently cocooned. I have a nice big fuzzy woolly bear cocooned on my blinds actually. How I'm going to get him out of the house when he emerges, I don't know.

I'm in drawings to win items from Sharon and Diane (Candy's Treats). However, If I win Diane's drawing, I'm sort of at a loss as I have all her kits (save for like one or two).

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