Monday, December 15, 2008

Pressie , Freebies, and Mimes

My computer has been acting up at home. Something about Firefox and Photobucket not liking each other. I'm going to have to try uninstalling Firefox, and then re-installing it. So I didn't get to do any of these write up from home.

Get Real

Bonitas,People & Places,Love or Lust

I won a free scrapkit! Helly was giving away five free kits a day by picking names - supposedly at random - from people who'd left comments on her blogs and on 4-shared. So I won one of the kits. I have most of Helly's kits so after due consideration, I asked for the "Get Real" one, which is one of her older, smaller kits. BUT, it's got a ton of bling in it. And besides, I don't think it's in any of the stores.

Anyway, I worked this up using it. I sort of wanted a casino look for it, but I didn't have any playing cards to scan, so I fell short. (Casino chips, but no playing cards?) The poser is (c) Outlaw by Design from her free downloads. The Layered Hearts and the "Paper Star" used in the piece are also from Designs by Helly. I may go back and redo this once I get the casino type pieces to do it with.



While I was surfing around the net, I came across a tag on Deviant Designer that had been done with a poser from "Angels-Free-Tubes". I owe Deviant some thanks, because in looking over Angel's work, it's very good and her PTU tubes are very reasonably prices. And she's got a lot on subject matters I'm interest in - like western posers and goth posers.

This "Amy" tube is (c) by Angel's Tubes and FTU from her Tube Store. I used Scrappy Lovers' "Showtime" Taggers kit on it, and added in some Vintage pieces from Calypso Designs.

The "After Dusk" Alpha is from Flower Scraps.

I thought it was rather unique actually. So are her mimes...

Joy Mime

Mimes,Holiday Glitter,Happy Holidays

This was the second of the two mimes from (c) Angel's Tubes that I did and I sort of gave up trying to keep the Holidays out. It was red, gold and green and just begging for Xmas Scraps.

So I used the "All that Glitters" kit from Baby Cakes Scraps which flaunts those same colors. I was very pleased with the results, if it does sending your running down the hall in Holiday spirit overload. BCS is a co-owner of Creative Scraps, so you can find all her kits there.

Frost Mime


This was the first of the mimes. I'd gone with the "Frozen in Time" kit from Creations by Jo and tried to keep the raging holiday elements out, but the snow crept in. Couldn't help it. Sorry.

It's an OK tag, I like the "Joy Mime" one better.

The "Frozen in Time" kit features one of Shelley's posers that I used in another tag and I'll be posting in a bit. I just found that kind of amusing. I like to try to figure out where the posers that the designers include in their kits came from.

Snowflake Mimi

Mimes,Winter,Snow,Holiday Glitter

The Snowflake poser is (c) by Perfect Poser, who can be found at Aussie Scraps.

For scraps I used the "Ice princess" kit from Baby Cakes Scraps, but none of the posers included in the kit, just the thousands of snowflakes.

The word art is courtesy of Bekah E's Escape 2 Scrapland.

Nothing against Charly's posers, but they're just highly overpriced given the current market. Angel also has scrap kits and freebies of the same, so be sure to check out both her blog and her tube store!

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