Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stop making Sense

PSP just started making a whole lot more sense. I knew I could do the things I wanted to do, it was just a matter of how. I'm used to PhotoShop, so when I wanted to add a glow or a drop shadow, I'd go to layers, then effects.

Not so in PSP, where the whole thing is a function of what is essentially the filters menu, although PSP calls it effects.

Anyway, as it transpired, once things started clicking, a whole new vista opened up...and I don't mean the new Windows' interface.

I got the New Year's T-13 done in record time, and I think I did better work than I've ever done in the past. It was certainly more creative.

There are still some things I'm struggling with - the text tool being the main one - but otherwise I've had a bit of fun. I'm thinking I might have to make up my own word art or a while in order to get the hang of the Text Tool. It doesn't react the way I expect it to.

Brrr Babies

Snow,Winter,Polar Bears,Chubbie

I'm not sure when I got the "Brrr Babies" kit from Farrah Creations, but it was a blog freebie. It's a full sized kit, not a taggers sized kit and she usually sells both, and I usually buy taggers. In any case, the "Brrr Baby" Chubbie Doll was one of the things I bought with my gift card.

It actually game in two tubes, one for the Chubbie and one for the polar bear, so I didn't have to crop him away from the doll in order to move him around. The "Snow" word art is by MW Designs. Note it's still in gray scale. I figured out how to color it - in glitter no less - last night, but these projects were from yesterday morning, which is when I discovered...

Scotty Girl

Chubbie,Dog,Happy Holidays

How to apply a mask! That's what gives the background that really cool, there and not there, look. I also used masks on some of the T-13 projects. w00t! I'm excited.

The "Scotty" Chubbie and the "Scotty" kit are both by Farrah's Creations. This is one of two Chubbies in the pack, the other is not quite so glamorously dressed. The Chubbies equate more with Krissy's Dolls than they do with a poser tube. I tend to use Krissy's Dolls more as element add ins, while I think the Chubbies are intended more to be subject matter (similar to posers).

So Dangerous

Chubbie,Angels & Devils

This is the tutorial I'd wanted to try off Calypo Designs' blog and despite a less than perfect understanding of the french language, I managed to get through it and get the the tag to come out the way it was supposed to as well!

Maybe I'll try one of Candy's tutorial's next, now that I'm starting to get the hang of the controls.

The "Dangerous" Chubbie is from Farrah's Creations. The scraps were part of the tutorial materials on Calypso's blog. I did pick up the "Dangerous" taggers kit from Farrah as well, but haven't worked with it yet.

I'd been resisting the Chubbies up until now - I'm still not all that sold on them - but these were sort of fun to work with, so I will probably buy several more once I get paid again.

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Anonymous said...

The Scottie Doll is really unusual and quite.. I don't know the word, but it's good :)