Monday, December 8, 2008


Yes! These are intended to be Twilight, or at least Twilight inspired, tags. Lacy Clagg has Twilight posers available at LCTS, but I'll be honest. I'm not that crazy about the books, so I'm not inclined to pursue the matter further than this exercise, which was in fact, done to allow me to play with Candy's Treats new Moonlight taggers kit.

I used the Goth Fae poser from Angelique Field (Digital Embellishments) for the tags. She has no bearing on any of the characters in the book(s) unless you'd like to pretend she's Alice or one of the other female vampires. As this was one of Angelique's Halloween releases, she's not currently available in any of her stores (sorry!)

The "Silver Twilight" alpha is from Amber Gray Designs. All of the word art, which are quotations taken from the book, are courtesy of Ginger's House, who puts out a lot of really amusing word art.

The glitter splats in the third tag are from Calypso Designs. Diane included two silver glitter spills in the kit, but no splats.





Full Moon Diamond

Miss Diamond,Domestic Cat,House Panther,Fantasy

The credits for this are the same as above except for the butterfly wings, which are from Ditters Free Doodles (and Miss Diamond replaces the Goth Fae, of course).

I seem to recall a children's story about a moth and the moon (not this one) but it's just not clicking right now...

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow the backgrounds and tubes are gorgeous!! I am not sure.. the posers face is just.. well ugly hehe
But everything else so much makes up for it :)